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  1. Hudson River
    I have been do this for seven or so years. I have some spots I like and i go there and pretty much spend my time in one spot for that day. I notice guys move from spot to spot as the day goes on. What makes you move from that spot to the next spot. Thanks for any info you can give.
  2. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    I am moving to the Orlando area very soon and I have no idea where to fish or what to fish for. I know that the freshwater fishing is excellent but I really want to stick with saltwater. I will be about a 45 min ride from Port Canaveral on the east coast anybody have any locations I can check...
  3. New York
    hello. in the past few years ive come down with a case of the striper bug reel bad and have shore fished the hudson ( poughkeepsie/kingston area ) for a few years now and started fishing robert moses area ( with no luck) last year. Well now Im am getting ready to the move to nassau county (...
  4. Plugs and Plug Building
    In football, the quick strike is exciting, but the most productive way to score is to "move the chains" thus meaning a slow constant drive towards the goal line.. Plug making is the same way, a quick batch of plugs can be temporarily rewarding, but , groups of plugs in various stages of...
  5. New Jersey
    This is a follow up thread to the “thinking about moving to CT” thread. After reviewing several job offers (for the first time in my life I had a choice!) I have decided to accept an offer with a major aircraft corp located just south of Philly in Ridley Park. Initial research is pointing...
  6. Connecticut
    I am entertaining a job offer in Groton, CT, and I was wondering if y'all could please enlighten an 'ol southern boy at to some of the pros and cons of the area. I'm trying to dig up information and housing, taxes, commuting areas and of course fishing. TIA
  7. Chesapeake Bay
    The fish have started to make the spring spawning move up the Potomac and are being caught in 6-10 feet of water on 3/4 oz chrome-blue back Rat-L-Traps. Size ranging from 6-40 lbs. 36 fish today before lunch.
  8. New York
    moving to SI from queens all i have been fishing there is the east river off of roosevelt island. will be in SI soon was wondering if you can fish off the beaches are permits needed can you fish at night ? any help will be appreciated. thanks guys , kenny
  9. Massachusetts
    Hello all, For those of you that have been waiting all winter to take a shot at some linesiders I have great news if your in the boston area. I have fished the Charleston bridge for the past three nights in a row and while I had no luck I will say that the herring are running and the smaller...
  10. Boaters Forum
    I picked up a 19 foot Key Largo CC. I have always done my fishing from shore in the past, so all my old spots are pretty much out of the question. Anyone have some pointers on good spots around the Scituate and the rest of the south shore? GPS coords for any great spots would be much...
  11. Massachusetts
    I usually make a trip to the Bass River on Cape Cod each summer and spend a few days fishing for stripers on ultralight tackle. There is a chance I may be moving to RI soon and was wondering about fishing in the river systems in that area. I have a 14? foot boat I use in GA and was wondering...
1-11 of 12 Results