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  1. Massachusetts
    I know some of you guys have seen the film I produced about the gang of fishermen on Plum Island. The film has shown to a variety of fishing clubs, and sold out the local theatre a few months ago. I wanted to let you know it's showing in Woods Hole next week and would love to have some of the...
  2. Stripers on the Fly
    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 SIGN UP FOR THE AEG NEWSLETTER WAIST DEEP TO RECEIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR DATE AND TIME CHANGES. The Sharp Theatre - Ramapo College Get Directions 505 Ramapo Valley Rd. Mahwah, NJ 7430 Phone: (971) 238-0554 Doors Open: 6:30 PM Show Starts: 7:00 PM
1-2 of 8 Results