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  1. Hudson River
    Has anyone found fishing to be better during a full moon on the Hudson or is that just a Montauk thing? Next Thursday is a full moon.
  2. The Striper Forum
    does anyone have any info/opinion on how fishing is around new moon & what is the best phase to fish for stripers at night? Any info would be appreciated.
  3. The Striper Forum
    I've typically been under the impression that a full moon creates higher high tides and lower low tides, which, in turn, creates more current and moving water in the surf during tidal changes. Bass like current and I always thought that a full moon provided better opportunities to catch fish...
  4. New Jersey
    hey guys im going to the highlands tommorow and i wanted to do some fishing off the clam dock that goes about 100 feet out so i have a good chance of geting my bunker chunks into the channel. I heard from some that fishing full moon is great but from other i heard that the fish dont eat at all...
  5. The Striper Forum
    Who's going fishing this evening??? I am planning a fishing excursion of epic proportions, starting between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. and continuing until the wee hours of the morning. There will be bait O' plenty ranging from sandworms, chunk mackerel, clams and my buddy is planning to float live...
  6. Massachusetts
    So...I know this is a mixed bag with a lot of people, but who's lookin' to get into some fish this weekend with the full moon? Yes it's brighter, but hey the tides are bigger too. I know I'll be perched on a rock at at some point with the giant white orb in the sky. Will anyone else be out...
  7. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hello all. I am to say the least a novice when it comes to striper fishing. I have 24 years of deer hunting experience but very little in bass fishing (My first month). In deer hunting I keep close tabs on the moons phase as it affects when deer feed and also breed. Could someone shed some light...
  8. The Striper Forum
    anyone gonna try to fish the strong current on the new moon this week? i'm gonna try either tuesday night or wednesday,rest of the week weather looks iffy... i will probally have to do the 6pm-2am thing being how i have to work the next day. any ideas on best bite times? tides fall nicely right...
  9. The Striper Forum
    Whats going on with the fishing with the moon etc, nice tides though???
  10. The Striper Forum
    Looking ahead to later this week and weekend it looks like we'll be in the last quarter of the moon and also a high pressure system will be moving in. I've done some searches on this and can't find the answers I am looking for and being new to this maybe I just don't know how to apply it but I...
  11. The Striper Forum
    The bunker should be here in force this week with the big fish right behind ! Time to get serious :yay:
  12. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Like the title says, I need help in understanding how the tide and moon phases affect the habits of fish (not just bass) lets use my vacation in August the week of the 4th. Dawn and I are taking our boat to Block Island for the week. The new moon is Friday and we are staying the Sunday to Sunday...
  13. Massachusetts
    June 27,28 & 29 is going to be just before the new moon in July. Rising tides in the evening, maybe some big fish around. See Gunny's post under gatherings " Team USA vs. Team Canada". Check out the reports on Saco Bay Bait and Tackle for that time last year. PM me if you want to hook-up with...
  14. Massachusetts
    While listening to a well known surfcaster with a "Crazy" reputation, after he was finished with his seminar, a bit of information was heard and retained. This guy has a history of very large bass, verified, and was asked when the best time to seek large fish in the early season. His reply was 2...
  15. California Aqueduct
    :pbdoi:Went up to the duct and casting out several times and trying different lures, and the Shad Rattle Trap does it again. Whamooooo it was action packed hit me hard and fast, it is 6 lbs 9 oz and 28 inches long. Also lost one had it and was reaching down to grab it and it suddenly flipped...
  16. Stripers 101 - Sticky Threads
    REAL Time Moon Phase Noaa Northern Hemisphere US. Naval observatory Doug Hannons Moon chart Astronomical applications department The Phases of the Moon []When the sun and moon and Earth are in a straight line, during the times of a full moon and new moon, the gravitational pull on the Earth...
  17. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    How dose the Full Moon affect Fishing the next morning?
  18. New York
    theres a new moon this weekend anyone in the NYC area want to meet up and fish?
  19. Massachusetts
    out, I didn't have a problem getting bass the last few nights. Off the rocks somewhere in SOCO:smile:
  20. New York
    blue moon was good as i got a few fish but kept this one. gave all the bluefish away
1-20 of 26 Results