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  1. Connecticut
    Has anyone used the launch by the public library in milford? How is it? Any any suggestions here to launch my 25ft center console in the milfor area???
  2. Connecticut
    Hello everyone, thank you all for your posts! I just got into fishing a few months ago and LOVE IT! Just wondering if anyone's been fishing around Milford? I haven't been able to catch anything lately and am just unsure if I'm doing something wrong or the fish's just not biting. All I know...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Hello to all, I moved to Milford, CT two years ago... fished off Portchester before and could always find stripers near by. Here I have only caught one at the mouth of Housatonic river...Man, if I catch one more sea robin I might just have to stop going out at all -- maybe not! But seriously...
  4. Connecticut
    Does anyone fish out at the Audubon without waders ? Gave it a try a few times but can't seem to get out into the channel enough from shore. But the guys with waders are lined up out there. The estuarys in back look promising but haven't produced for me. Anyone else having this problem or is it me.
  5. Connecticut
    anything goin on yet, Gulf Beach, Silver Sands, West Haven ?
  6. Kansas Stripers and Hybrid stripers
    66 degrees, clear, normal Wipers good on Road Runners along the dam
1-6 of 6 Results