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  1. Hudson River
    Does the Upper Hudson get involved with the Fall Migration and if so how far up do they come?
  2. Hudson River
    First I just want to be clear I am not asking people to reveal their spots, just trying to estimate the general pattern. I finally got my boat into Newburgh Marina, but I feel I may have missed the peak for the area. I am looking for real basics regarding temp/river location. I have many years...
  3. Hudson River
    "For their first few years stripers stay around the local rivers, bays and beaches where they were born. They begin feeding in the spring when the water temperatures get above 45 degrees F. They can be caught during the day in the early spring as they seek the warmer waters in the shallows. As...
  4. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Just wondering when the best month to start spring striper fishing on the flats of the cheseapeke bay? Thanks new be.
  5. Hudson River
    Intercept telemetry of the hudson river striped bass resident contingent : Migration and homing patterns Author(s) WINGATE Rebecca L. ; SECOR David H. ; Abstract Hudson River striped bass Morone saxatilis show highly variable migration patterns, as observed through past tagging studies and...
  6. Hudson River
    Patterns of migration in Hudson River striped bass as determined by otolith microchemistry Auteur(s) / Author(s) ZLOKOVITZ Erik R. (1) ; SECOR David H. (1) ; PICCOLI Philip M. (2) ; (1) Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland, P.O. Box 38...
  7. The Striper Forum
    Has anyone been able to really follow the striper migration yet? I am taking a fishing trip in about 2 weeks, to Ocean City, Chincoteague, or Virginia Beach, and I haven't seen a steady showing in any one place. They seem spread out and sporatic in all locations.
  8. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    HELLO EVERYONE. ive been doing alot of researching on striper migration and striper fishing over the years. fall is right around the corner and its time to bring out the swimbaits. i mostly fish STRIPERS at diamond valley, skinner, and silverwood. there is no secret about how to fish for...
  9. South Carolina - Interior
    I would like to add some information for your home page. This is concerning striper migrations and seasonal travel. I don't think you will find any offshore migration during the seasons below (or South of) Nags Head, NC. True there stripers caught in the rivers in South Carolina, Georgia, and...
  10. The Striper Forum
    So the big question: OK, so has anyone declared the fall run to have started yet? We here in South Jersey are anxiously awaiting the return of the Striper. Of course there have been some fish that are laying over here now, much like the Canadian Geese that used to pass by but now choose to crap...
  11. Hunting / Game
    Eastern Atlantic Flyway Migration Update 1) PEI has had mostly southern winds last week, Not big numbers of geese yet, which is understandable. Lots of puddle ducks showing up. 2)Labrador City(Eastern Labrador) West winds since last Friday switching over weekend to Northwest today and remaining...
  12. New Hampshire
    Whith all this cold weather, I was wondering if this is going to trigger the onset of the fall migration?. If so, I heard that the NH coast only gets grazed buy the run. Is this true? Thanks guys, Bubba
  13. The Striper Forum
    Surfcasters Learn of Migration of Martha, the Striped Bass By MARK ALAN LOVEWELL Striped bass, a study has discovered, are similar to migrating birds that come north for the summer: when they swim north to feed, they tend to pick favorite underwater neighborhoods and stick around. Just like...
  14. The Striper Forum
    Any signs of stripers in NH or Sothern Maine yet in 05?
  15. Seminars / Expos / Tourneys
    Published in the Asbury Park Press 1/11/05 TUCKERTON: The public is invited to participate in an educational program at Tuckerton Seaport Jan. 19 that will explore how the striped bass is tagged and where it travels during the winter. This program is among a series being offered by a...
1-15 of 17 Results