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  1. Massachusetts
    Heard good reports from Surfland, Crossroads, etc. so went out for the first time this past Sunday. Got a late start so didn't try and get live macks, but just tried with some dead mackerel. Gave it a couple hours around the bottom of the tide without a nibble. Trolled some umbrella rigs around...
  2. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am headed out tomorrow night to Salisbury MA, the Merrimack River and Plum Island area. Not sure exactly where to fish until I get there but I've picked up a couple hints from these forums. I'm new to striper fishing and now that I have read 4 great books (2 by J Skinner, 2 by Z Hronim), I'm...
  3. Massachusetts
    Hi Everyone, I visit this site frequently for Q&A, reports, and entertainment at work when the boss is not looking. I visit many of the other state forums as well to gain as much knowledge as possible. I noticed that in the Hudson River forum, they have a continual thread where people post...
  4. Massachusetts
    Beautiful day out there today, but action seemed pretty slow. We got 3 keepers, but had been doing much better lately. The water is really stained. We saw much less bird action than we had seen recently. Mackerel seemed very hard to come by. Everybody at breaking rocks was really struggling to...
  5. Massachusetts
    do they come up the river the same time every year? Or is it different every year? I been trying every year but it seems i am always late :( I am in Haverhill right before lawrence. Anyway of tracking them from a website or newspaper? Really wanna land 1 this spring!
  6. Massachusetts
    I will be surf casting with my 9 year old at the end of august on the merrimack mouth and salisbury beach side. Is this a good time of year/place for surf casting? we dont mind blues or stripers just looking for a good time and a keeper or two Any sugestions on bait? last two times i used...
  7. Massachusetts
    Any general thoughts on where go for bigger stripers around the Merrimack River? I seem to see pretty much three groups of boats around - 1) Those that are fishing near the flats in the no wake zone, 2) those that are fishing right at the mouth between the jetties, and 3) a few that are a bit...
  8. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    I've fished the mouth of the Merrimack for years but never before on a weekend...and never again. There must have been 100 boats drifting and anchored up, making the mouth a lot more dangerous, but that's not the worst of it. I witnessed at least a half dozen guys from as many boats keeping...
  9. Massachusetts
    New member to this fishing board and I'm glad I found it. I was brought into the fishing world via fly fishing (25 years Fresh & Saltwater) however now that I have my boat in saltwater, I want to learn more about fishing traditional artificials and with live Mackeral. I went out Sunday morning...
  10. Massachusetts
    I was fishing the mack in Haverhill the other day for small mouth etc. A few people came down and said they had luck on a few stripers a few days prior. When can we expect them really moving up the river from the ocean in this area?
  11. Massachusetts
    are the docks still in at salisubry state park or cashmans? splashing my new ride tomorrow am!
  12. Massachusetts
    me and my girl friends were wondering what stripers would eat outta the freezer? Ive used hot dogs before and caught some.. Just wondering if they eat other stuff aswell maybe like chicken or left over chunks of steak.. the help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  13. Massachusetts
    Anyone wet a line at the mouth of Merrimack river yet? Any luck?
  14. Massachusetts
    Man Catches 61-Pound Bass In Merrimack River BOSTON (WBZ) ― 1 of 2 Bilil Kendrek and his 61.5-pound striped bass. Surfland Bait & Tackle, He can't really hang it over his mantle, but 60-year-old Bill Kendrek will treasure the picture of the 61.5-pound striped bass he caught last week...
  15. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    New to this forum and striper fishing. Really enjoying the tips and overall banter. I fished the river side at Salisbury last week. Beautiful day, incoming tide. Fished herring chunks from the small jetty by the toothpick ( I think it's called). There must have been 10 rods on land within eye...
  16. Massachusetts
    how the stripers biting up by Lawrence / Haverhill
  17. Massachusetts
    Anyone up by this way?? Ive heard people catching them but haven't seen it yet a buddy of mine caught a real big carp off a night crawler i think i am gonna go tomorrow off the shore
  18. Massachusetts
    can anyone update us on the striper fishing on the merrimack on plum island? we want to make the trip from vermont but didnt know if they were there yet. any insight would be apprecited!
  19. Massachusetts
    I can't wait for some Striper fishing on the Merrimack this year! Anyone have reports of Stripers back yet? I am new to early season fishing any tips for early fishing in the Merrimack would be appreciated. Feel free to send a private message. Used to be gut hooked on Striper fishing TEN years...
  20. Massachusetts
    Has anyone been pulling them out around my area?? I live in Haverhill, MA right on the border of NH. the weather has been awesome the last week or so its a little over 70 right now thought id ask the pros
1-20 of 73 Results