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  1. Massachusetts
    Great day fishing in the Merrimac river. 30+ striper and some blues mixed in. Nothing really big (27 the biggest) but it was great to just start catching fish again. Used herring and mackeral, they ate every piece of bait we had on board by the end of the day. The last half of the outgoing tide...
  2. Massachusetts
    WoW the fishin is slow. I don't remember it ever being this slow even in August. I have been out 3 more times since my last post. I went out Wed 25th and Thurs 26 at night. Drifted live eels over joppa flats. Only two fish total both small and both on Wednesday. Not even a bite on Thursday. I...
  3. Massachusetts
    Went out to the mouth of the merrimac for the last few hours of the outgoing tide tonight. got 6 fish all in that 20" - 25" range. Saw a bunch of people pulling in fish about the same size. I used herring and worms. All the fish were caught on the herring. I got some small sand eels also. Never...
  4. Massachusetts
    Went to the Merrimac and fished for near 30 hours on all types of baits/lures. Caught one 24" non keeper Bass a couple of catfish and a bunch of Macs'. Few more weeks i guess.:pbdoi: But it was nice to be back on the river with nice weather.:cheers: "ALOT" of boaters actually crowded!
  5. Surfcasting Central
    Merrimack I use one lure only - 6" Sluggo in arkansas shiner - great sandeel imitation. My uncle Kev - June 6th My brother Kevin
1-5 of 5 Results