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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    My buddy and I took out his boat (docked at the Albany yacht club) for an evening trip last night. 530pm-930pm Current was running out VERY fast, 2mph+ infact:shocked:. Had no problem getting bait. Catching a striper on the other hand...not so much. We did a bunch of drifts in front of the...
  2. Massachusetts
    Well, i went to one spot early in the morning known for schoolies and abundant tautog. After getting skunked there i decided to pack up and move else where. I went to my favorite spot and threw a sandworm in seeing if i could get either a bass or tautog. Not even 2 mins at the spot and WACK...
  3. Massachusetts
    Headed to Luckys this morning around 8:30 for bait Clams and worms.. Ended up leaving with some new lures to. After getting to the Swansea boat docks had to figure out a plan on where to go. First tried the near by power plant...........Nothing for an hour. Now its about 10:30 trolled spar...
  4. New York
    no bass around but plenty of bastages
1-4 of 4 Results