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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling my 1994 Master Marine. - 24' - 4LH-DTE Yanmar Turbo Diesel - only 1700 hours - Raymarine a65 fish finder/GPS - New gel coat - New motor mounts - New seastar helm unit Comes with free trailer but one of the hubs is blown. Only selling to upgrade to a bigger boat. Located on the Hudson...
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    laughing7.gif .. one of my shore fishen buds got wacked with a no marine tag ...laughing7.gif ...had one last em....
  3. Hudson River
    Been trying to call the marina for 2 weeks. I reserved parking for my boat & camper but can't get thru and can't get any info on another number. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hudson River
    :trink08: As you get your gear and boats ready don't neglect to check your Marine Regstry date. I was going through my deck of license tags and noticed that I did not show one, then remembered that they couldn't add it last fall because the one I had ran to January. That seemed to be one of the...
  5. Hudson River
    Striped Bass Seminar 4/3 (Latham West Marine) The Striper Seminar has been scheduled for Thursday April 3rd at 6 pm with Captain Bob Wason of Charter 1 ( This year's seminar will focus on Hudson River basics of striper fishing with additional information on using today's...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Here's a link with details. They're going to have tables this year for people to sell their new/used gear as well.
  7. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I have a barely used (maybe once) portable gunwale-mount boarding ladder for sale. This is from my old boat, it doesn't fit my current Key West. It has 3 steps and is good for a boat with max gunwale depth of 7". WM model #9278433. Brand new they are $49, you can buy mine for $30. Located...
  8. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I'm looking for a decent vhf marine radio in the Albany, NY area. Gene 518-788-4971
  9. Blogs
    New blog article: Don't Forget the Marine Fishing Registry
  10. Hudson River
    Are there any decent fishing GPS/Navigation apps for Android phones good for Hudson River fishing?
  11. Boaters Forum
    hi there, i've been reading about people using GPS systems on their smart phones. Would you trust an iphone or android tablet when sailing offshore ? How good are these new marine navigation apps ? any comments welcome.
  12. New Member Introductions
    I have a 17.5 mirrorcraft pro fisherman.Have been fishing for many years.I live in telford Pa and am interested in striper fishing in the tidal basin of the Delaware river.I also like to fish for salmon on lake ontario
  13. Hudson River
    I think Hung4wheeler posted something about this... Here's an update: You now need to be registered - when you register they print out a card for you.(to prove your on the registry) Without the card you will get a ticket.
  14. Hudson River
    I have not purchased yet, my question is it needed this year or not? Thanks, Roughrider out.
  15. Hudson River
    ALBANY (AP) -- New York lawmakers and the Cuomo administration have reached an agreement to end the state's $10 annual saltwater fishing license at least temporarily and replace it with a free registry for the state's coastal waters. Legislators announcing the change Wednesday say it will cover...
  16. Hudson River
    I have a few family members who are going to be in town during the spring run and plan on getting them out for a 1-day trip in mid May. I know they can purchase a 1-day Marine Lisc but here is what i'm not 100% sure about ... Since i already know the date, can they purchase it now and just...
  17. Buy - Sell - Trade
    $23, 999.00 28' CC DF250 power. Go to WWW.ASALTWEAPON.INFO for details and lots of pics... $5K in trailer with less than 200o miles on it. She would make a great Joisey boat...she loves to catch stripers... [email protected]
  18. Hudson River
    I was going through some stuff and almost forgot about the NY State Marine Recreational license. So use to just renewing my reg lic in Sept that this slipped my mind. Just a reminder !
  19. Boaters Forum
    I have a CB from my truck driving days and have in the past used a marine band radio when I lived on my boat back in the 80's. Basically I used it instead of a phone. Using the marine operator and connection to a phone number only took a moment. Then there was radio communication with all the...
  20. Hudson River
    Is the internet purchase receipt of Marine license still good for 14 days after purchase? Thanks Roughrider.
1-20 of 55 Results