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  1. Trolling for Stripers
    New to the boating game here. Was planning to head out this weekend and try to find some macks and live line. I'm not sure yet of the migrating habits of these fish. Anyone catching anything in the Salem MA area? The early bird Stripers are starting to arrive.
  2. Maine
    My last thread was getn too long and couldnt figure out how to close. anyone know when the macks start running?mainly fish camp ellis and looking to stock up on some cut bait.also anything getting active fishing in maine yet,im in the portland area.
  3. The Striper Forum
    Whats the best way to rig live mackerel? If I use a balloon how do I tie it to the line, does it slide up and down? Anyone worried about leaving the balloons in the water? Sorry for so many questions...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Do any of you go out at night or at sundown and are still able to catch mackeral? Do they turn off at night or are they still on the feed? I just have never tried for them at night and will be trying tonight at spots that I know produce during the day. Any info is appreciated, thank you!! -Scott
  5. Massachusetts
    I have a bunch of frozen mackeral in my freezer left over from last year. Was going to use them for bait but the live macks never left - then I had a kid and didn't have time to fish anymore. They would still be good for chum or lobster bait and were kept on ice and frozen the day I caught...
  6. Massachusetts
    Went out yesterday and jigged up some macks in the harbor. Getting tougher and tougher to find consistently but well worth the time...Caught a bunch of cookie cutter 26-32 inchers...And this monster showed up....Oh course my buddy got it so he's going to have bragging rights (which he's already...
  7. The Striper Forum
    yes the fishing is furious and all u have to do is cast a jig, then on to bigger things
  8. Massachusetts
    I usually fish in Boston Harbor but I'll have my boat in Wellfleet for memorial day weekend. I plan on fishing and would live to find some live bait. Does anyone know if the macks are around in CC Bay and where I should look for them? Not looking for specific spots but just some advice and...
  9. Massachusetts
    ok guys i've come to the conclusion that most of the people i know in the area i fish (mostly merrimack river)during the day that catch big fish are live lineing mackeral....that being said what is the best /fastest way to catch some macks for bait....cause honestly i've never done it! i've...
  10. New Hampshire
    looking for areas to jig for macks in the hampton, plum island area. Any suggestions. This will be my second trip out in my boat. So any help is greatly apperciated. Also any decent striper spots would be a plus, I plan on just trolling and drifting for now outside of the crowds. I have a gps...
  11. Massachusetts
    Went everywhere i could think of today to try and subdue some mackerel for a little chunkin' and strippin'. Literally went everywhere on the incoming, no bites, no pollock, no nothing. Boothbay has been devoid of macks, except for a few rogue schools, for the past week and a half. Went out for...
  12. Massachusetts
    1) how? it through the mouth like how you live line an eel? Or behind the dorsal fin? If it's the latter if someone could explain that would be great! 2) when jigging for Macks how do you know they are around....should I be looking for birds? Thanks guys!! cadicted.gif
  13. Massachusetts
    Just wondering if anyone has any info on some spots off of Portsmouth to jig up some Macks to use for bait? It is my first year fishing out of GB and don't really want to make the long run to get to familiar grounds off of Hampton. Thanks
1-13 of 13 Results