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  1. Hudson River
    Just curious since I have only done the migration once and saw everybody fishing with Herring. I had to resort to cutting a couple dead ones up on the beach. Anyways I get bored just standing there so would rather as usual have one pole out and cast with the other. Is it worth it in...
  2. Hudson River
    It's finally here the anticipation is over. Good luck to everyone goin out temp at 550 am is 64 wind blowing a bit and if the rain stays away might be a good day. Be safe
  3. Hudson River
    Hey just wanted to say Good Luck to all of you and I hope you guys get that one you are hoping for. To sick to fish so you guys get one for me. Click this dedication to the Mighty Hudson River.
  4. Hudson River
    Anyone having luck??? If so where abouts? ? And I was curious I heard someone say something about schoolies are they all threw the river right now?
  5. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I see a lot of the same names survived this dreadful winter, well good luck to all of you from the Tupper Lake gang..
  6. Hudson River
    Looks as though this weekend could give up our 1st linesider up in/near the capital district way. I will not be out until next weekend but i wanted to say ... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY :icon_thumright: I hope everybody has a good season and hooks some nice fish. Hope to see some nice pics too. I...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Good luck boys wont be long now.Don't forget to give River Basin my MONEY th_icon_splitform.g:
  8. Massachusetts
    Anyone having any luck with bucktail jigs at all? I'm going to be out tomorrow morning and giving them a shot...any tips on technique ?
  9. Arkansas
    Just curious if anyone has found any hot spots on Ouachita recently? When do they move in to the dam area? Thanks!
  10. Hudson River
    Do people have better luck with the incoming or out going tide? It seems dead tide seems to be really slow going.
  11. Massachusetts
    I've been around Lynn, Salisbury Beach, the Mystic River area... nothing hitting! A friend floated the weird idea that the shark activity near the Cape has skeered 'em all off. I've been mainly shore casting but my boating buddies havn't been having luck either. Had some luck in the New...
  12. Boaters Forum
    I got the boat and I dont like the name Tuffy. So is it bad luck to rename her?
  13. Hudson River
    ILL be heading out the door at 4 am . rain or shine..Good luck to everyone who is going outthumbsup.gif
  14. Pennsylvania's Lakes, Rivers and Impoundments
    How is everone doing up at Raystown?? Any Luck yet?I plan to go up towards the end of the month. Is there anyhelp you guys can give me on what bait to use, types & methods used and where to go, any local bait shops? Thanks for all your help!!
  15. Chesapeake Bay
    Seems this forum has been pretty dead lately, anybody had any luck lately around Middle River? I have been out a few times lately trolling umbrella and some good size lures. Got fish on both but nothing big. This was on the east side of Hart Miller. Going to try some live lining today. P.S. Keep...
  16. Massachusetts
    I'm headed over to Great Bay in NH in the morning. Launching out of Adam's point boat launch which is tide dependent. High tide is at 7:30 or so. We're planning on fishing the incoming tide from 4:30am till about 9am (we're working around the launch's dependencies). Will be chucking lures...
  17. Massachusetts
    Tried my luck during this past few days of very warm temps. And all i got was a dang burn. Well I hope everyone else had better luck than I sure did. I think this warm snap shut the fishing down down here in SW RI. Anyone else have the same issue besides me?
  18. Hudson River
    What do u other anglers believe it takes to catch a striper. Is it skill, luck or just being in the right place at the right time. I have spent alot of hours out on the hudson with no avail. Today being 1 of those. Fished the river this morning south of the rvw for about 6hours. Did have 2...
  19. Hudson River
    launched out of the schodack island park. fished around the castleton bridge. had ajob getting bait took most of the day to get four. some herring there but spotty. water temp was 53 on the surface did get one stripper one herring rig a bout 16 inches long . alot of boats but know action...
  20. Pennsylvania's Lakes, Rivers and Impoundments
    i do not get up much this time of the year fishing the c-bay most of the time but with gas so high:thumbsdown: i may be fishing a little closer to home
1-20 of 38 Results