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  1. Hudson River
    Hi everyone. I have been bringing a 2002 Evinrude ETEC back to life after several years of non-use. Nick Roberti's is a great guy and seems to really know his stuff, but Kingston is just to far up (live in Monroe, keep the boat in Newburgh). I have had to pull it out twice already to have Nick...
  2. Hudson River
    I asked over on the Boat Repair board but there doesn't seem to be much activity over there. I knew something was wrong when my Evinrude stopped shifting and stuck in reverse last fall. Generally, for the past ten years the boat sees water for two weeks a year in the St. Lawrence in the early...
  3. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I am shopping for a remanufactured lower unit for a mid '80's 60hp Evinrude. Has anyone had experience with U.S. Boatworks? ( They gave me an immediate response to an Email query and have the best prices and lowest core exchanges I could find. Other suggestion?
  4. The Striper Forum
    I just finished uncovering the boat and topping off the gas tank. Went to Bass Pro yesterday and picked up some swivels and a couple packs of # 6 circle hooks. I'm ready and anxious to go! Can anyone tell me if there's anything going on around the mouth of the York River/York spit area?:flyfish:
  5. Hudson River
    has the croton/ossining area seen its heavy run for this spring? ive been out and its been absolutely dead. talked to a bunch of people and theyre not getting anything either. this time last week it was rockin. any thoughts?
  6. New Member Introductions
    hey peeps. nice site. born and raised in philly but moved to the burbs in 90. big bank fisher here. maybe one day i can find a motor for my boat to get it back in the water. anyway, look forward to some good fishing talk and plenty of fish stories. :flyfish:
  7. Hudson River
    Launch Ramp Docks being assembled in the Ghetto as I type this. :wav: Unknown when the Fee Booth will be open or what the cost will be this year. alright.gif The Rude Rec Boater Nutz won't be far behind.:frustrated: Please no specific info as to avoid spot burning !
  8. New Member Introductions
    I'm a sweet water fisher that has decided to try and land some tidal fish. I'll be fishing mostly the lower hudson (haverstraw to piermont) hopefull'y i'll find some cows out there..
  9. Hudson River
    whats up everyone. This is my 1st post and my 1st season boating and fishing the hudson. I've been getting a ton of info this winter on striper247 and a couple of other sites about fishing the hudson. I cant wait any longer. Unfortunatly its weekend fishing only for me. Does anyone have an...
  10. DelMarVA
    Anybody been fishing between The Occoquan River and Cobb Island, Trying to take the boat out this weekend and just wondering if anybody has given it a shot yet and had any success? Most of you guys that fishing this stretch of the Potomac what do you have most of your success on, Trolling, Live...
  11. Hudson River
    Hey all... Got out the Wed and Friday of this week (day before and after the heavy rains with the crew. 2 fish Wed to 21.5" north of the TZ bridge. Friday saw an increase in numbers as well as size with 8 fish caught to 26" south of the TZ!! What a beauty the 26" was... Got me feeling all warm...
  12. Surfcasting Central
    Is there another thread that discusses good spots in the lower NJ/DE area and if not, are there any ideas. I'm into surf/jetty fishing, etc. Best times/tides would also be a big help. TIA
  13. Hudson River
    Hi guys, new here. I've been trying to find info/reports on the lower Hudson as to what's happening fish wise. I know the fishing can be good in the Liberty Island area late in the season but I'm not finding any info. I fish from a kayak.
  14. Hudson River
    Fished the lower part of the river for a few hours end of day. Nothing. No other fishermen either. It seems like everything, including the water temperature, is moving in reverse right now. :icon_sad:
  15. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    I have cabin fever anyone fishing for Stripers now? I fish Kentucky Lake February through mid December. I thought maybe there is some action up on the Ohio River now. Maybe in the Dam Tailrace??
  16. Oklahoma Stripers and Wipers
    Been fishing the Lower Illinois for Trout alot lately. Slaying them Left and right. My buddy and I hook up some Nice and Fat Browns and Rainbows on Worms and Eggs. I will use Panther Martin lures as well when the sun starts to come out... Now we both just started fishing for Stripers below the...
  17. The Striper Forum
    Anyone have any updates on striper action south of the Tappan Zee Bridge? Thanks Ed
  18. Hudson River
    I was wondering if anyone has heard about the run of Stripers in the Lower Hudson River. Are they there and any suggestions as a good place to fish this weekend?? What bait is best to use this time of year? I would like to have a succesful trip 'cause i'm bringing my son along, would hate to...
  19. Delaware River
    I've never really had a chance to fish the lower part of the Delaware river before but I might be moving to the area in the next few months....the Pennsville area to be more precise (this is just south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on the NJ side) I realize you can catch Stripers there and I...
1-19 of 28 Results