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  1. Hudson River
    Just wondering what seems to be working the best so far for those that are doing well. Live or chunk, drift or anchored? I really haven’t seen many caught although I’m sure they’re around.
  2. Vendor Deals
    Hey Gang! We're at it again with the deals, and this time there's a ton of gear up for grabs via Bass Pro Shops in time for you to finish up your holiday shopping (or just score a deal for yourself, that works too!) Bass Pro Shops has packed a ton of saving into pretty much every category...
  3. Hudson River
    Hey guys, have any of you tried Berkley Gulp! Alive! Bloodworm/Sandworms? My main concern is in regards to their scent. Berkley has yet to let me down with their "Gulp! Alive!" products and I am curious if their line of worm plastics will pull the fish in as a regular worm would. I'm on a tight...
  4. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I already have post up on the Penn boards, but thought i would check here to see if any locals could maybe help. This is a pretty common reel and I can't be be the only one who has had this problem... I own the Penn Fierce 2 6000 Live Liner and I popped it open today just to apply some grease...
  5. The Striper Forum
    Can I get some opinions on fishing live herring from boat anchored live line or off bottom I've had a couple on live lining lost them on way in tho
  6. Hudson River
    high mortality. 1 of 7 Jason Arnold / Face the facts: Most days, a frisky live bait outperforms an artificial or dead bait, whether you're targeting snook in Charlotte Harbor, sailfish off the Keys...
  7. Hudson River
    Can someone help a bit I've caught many striper off of chunk Ive been trying to catch them with live herring any help on how to run them last ur I just let one free line with no weight I tried with a weight and this yr ran one with a balloon with no weight
  8. Hudson River
    Greetings, The last few years I've been out fishing with no success, and while my times afield were limited each year to one or two, the only real bait I used was chunk. I know there's different times and applications for all bait, but I was wondering if there's any place one can purchase live...
  9. Hudson River
    Just wondering where you guys hook your live herring
  10. Hudson River
    Hello everybody, just trying to gauge how many of you run with a two hook or stinger rig when using live bait. I'm heading into my second season and have learned a ton through my mistakes (the best way to learn). My father and I ran all circle hooks last year with good success except hooking...
  11. Hudson River
    Anybody ever floated a live herring under a bobber/balloon? Was thinking during low light or at night it might be a pretty good presentation. Just can't see putting the herring more than a couple ft down because you wouldn't be able to cast it. Where I fish we'd get there at 4-5am and never got...
  12. Hudson River
    Does one or the other seem to produce more?
  13. Hudson River
    Anyone know where they sell live eels and herring during the striper run in the lower hudson region? From Poughkeepsie south.. Thanks
  14. Hudson River
    Anyone catch live herring around the TZ bridge area? I have tried swim baits and spoons but have never had a herring follow or even seen one. Not asking for any spots or anything, just want to know if people are catching them.
  15. West Virginia Stripers you hook them in the tail? I assume they eat them the same way they would a bunker, head first?
  16. New York
    What exactly is live lining? Are you drifting, anchored? What weight, barrel sinker or fish finder rig. I usually just fish the bottom and i am looking for other methods. Thanks in advance for any help...........
  17. Plugs and Plug Building
    Several plugs im working on..
  18. The Striper Forum
    I've seen people talk about doing this for tuna, but has anyone tried it for stripers? Is it not necessary because the striper hooks aren't typically as big?
  19. Massachusetts
    I know that bait presentation can vary all over the map... but whats a general size for a mac/pogey/shad that I should stay under? I guess Macs are a little more slender so they can be longer, but pogeys and shad get pretty wide. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.
1-19 of 129 Results