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  1. New York
    What exactly is live lining? Are you drifting, anchored? What weight, barrel sinker or fish finder rig. I usually just fish the bottom and i am looking for other methods. Thanks in advance for any help...........
  2. Massachusetts
    I know that bait presentation can vary all over the map... but whats a general size for a mac/pogey/shad that I should stay under? I guess Macs are a little more slender so they can be longer, but pogeys and shad get pretty wide. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.
  3. DelMarVA
    Hello, My favorite bass fishing is in Jersey where we would snag bunker and then either bring them in and chunk them up or live line them. Does anyone do this in Maryland on the Potomac? Is it effective? It works very well in NJ and just wasn't sure if people did that here. Thanks!
  4. Hudson River
    I predominantly bank fish and finally got a scap net this year and starting live lining herring and did pretty well. I fished with 6/0 circle hooks and missed a bunch of runs early on but then caught a couple 35" letting the fish run for 10-15 seconds before tightening down the drag - which I...
  5. Hudson River
    past couple of weeks, we tried for herring from shore and netted alot and is so much better then buying bloodworms. we been chunking them mostly with success. we also liveline them, but at low rates we caught stripers. we get many runs but cant hook the fish. whats the best way to hook a...
  6. Connecticut
    anyone ever done it...had any success i was thinking of drifitng over some of my more productive spots this spring with them 3 wayed i have read alot about guys in chesepeake bay using them second to spot or alewifes and seeing i have no clue what a spot is and we cant use the alewife i figured...
  7. Massachusetts
    So I have a few questions about Live Lining. First off when you are live-lining mackerel pogey's etc.. do you use one hook or 2? Also how do you hook the fish? Do you cut its fin? If you use 1 or 2 hooks where do you hook them? Also do you use a weight to weigh the fish down? Thanks again for...
  8. Delaware River
    Does anyone live line herring from the beach.
  9. Massachusetts
    What is the most effective way to hook your bait, when live lining?
  10. Chesapeake Bay
    I haven't heard much from you Bay fisherman,:shocked: Whats Up? Heard that the spot are here in the Bay, going to try in the morning to liveline some. I brought me some of them expensive worms today that them spot love, bloodworms are more expensive than gas! Anybody been doing anything lately...
  11. Connecticut
    I am seeking some advice on live lining menhaden. I fish out of Chatham and have recently changed marinas to the south side which has given me the opportunity to now have access to ample schools of menhaden. I am all set with how to rig them but would like to know the correct or most...
  12. The Striper Forum
    Was wondering if anybody does this and how to rig the spot or perch? I have heard alot about this in the Bay area in MD and was thinking of giving it a try. Weights or no weights, what size hooks anchor or drift? I have heard that rockfish will scale the fish so not to set the hook give him some...
  13. Striper Guides & Charters
    Live Lining Does Work... ...when using a look-a-like lure. John Keeler and I started fishing at 10:00am on Thursday, July 26, 2007. The location was in Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay. After reading all the hoop-la on live lining we just had to give it a try...using a plastic...
  14. Massachusetts
    1) how? it through the mouth like how you live line an eel? Or behind the dorsal fin? If it's the latter if someone could explain that would be great! 2) when jigging for Macks how do you know they are around....should I be looking for birds? Thanks guys!! cadicted.gif
  15. The Striper Forum
    is it possible to live line a shad from the surf... if so whats the optimal way of line lining a shad from surf... how big should the shad be?
1-15 of 15 Results