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  1. Massachusetts
    hello im heading down the cape 2mara 8-10 i think dennis or dennis port not quite sure but i was NOT ASK 4 UR SPOT jus wondering what is biteing and what i should use for bait never fisht the cape always n.h but if anyone can help i would thankfull
  2. The Striper Forum
    hey guys the chinese food guy wants me to keep my striper for him but he wants the hole fish mainly the head he wants but my question is how would i keep it fresh for him i heard some thin about cutin the throat and bleeding it out any advice plz
  3. Hudson River
    Caught my first of the season today a 33 incher. Caught on live herring outgoing tide, 20ft anchored up. Herring were tuff in the creek, only got like 5 in 3hrs. Soon as i figure how to get pic up here i will had same prob last year. If sum1 would like to help wit pic i can email it you...
  4. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    Im in the early planning stages of a 4 day trip out to Memphis to target landlocked stripers. I have to use my airline credit before valentines day. Any guide or water recomendations would be apreciated. This is from between now and feb 15. Thanks in advance. Aram
  5. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hi - I'm new to this site and found it while googling... My kid brother and sister-in-law are making a rare pilgrimmage to visit me in Rhode Island Oct 5-10th. He's an avid surfcaster. I want to make the trip memorable and encourage more visits, so I'm hunting for hot fishing spots. He still...
1-5 of 5 Results