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  1. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    I feel like such sissy. I was throwing eels for about 30 minutes at my favorite river mouth. It was thundering, and I had on storm gear, the orange stuff. I know to stay low during lightning so I was on one knee. Flash BOOM! No inbetween, no delay. I figured it was time to leave, but the place...
  2. Hunting / Game
    It was Saturday of the last weekend of the 2006 NH deer season. While on stand during a drive I shot a spike buck. I have been hunting this piece of woods for years. Always was there to help someone else drag out their deer. This was the first deer I had ever shot on my buddies dad's land...
  3. Massachusetts
    put a damper on my outing:pbdoi:, but tonight another story.thumbsup.gif
  4. Massachusetts
    sebago lake, maine A Haverhill, Mass., man was struck by lightning and seriously injured Thursday when a sudden thunderstorm hit Sebago Lake State Park, police said. David Parsons, 47, had abandoned fishing plans and was walking away from the lake Thursday afternoon after heavy rain had swept...
  5. Massachusetts
    Figured I'd post this as a warning to get off the water during a lightning storm. I've been caught in some bad ones. Sad story this weekend in central Maine. My condolences to the mens family and friends. ROME -- Tragedy struck on central Maine waters Sunday for the second straight day, as...
1-5 of 5 Results