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  1. Plugs and Plug Building
    I have heard a few people mention that when they do swiveled belly hooks, they lock the swivel so that it won't spin. It kinda makes sense to me that when the fish hits it, you don't want the barb to spin out of it's mouth. Not sure if this is the norm for most plug builders or not, but I'm...
  2. Hudson River
    leaving work at 11 going out to try and catch these elusive beasts. Sucks that i no the fish are here and i cant hook into one of them. Wish me lucklaughing4.gif
  3. Albemarle Sound
    :pbdoi: Going to head out early Saturday AM and head up to Chesapeake Bay/James River and attempt to get something with fins & scales. Have a friend heading up with me that has fished up there so maybe I can bring something in worth keeping. Will be the first time I've brought me Mako up there...
  4. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    And its NOT because of hurricanes
1-4 of 4 Results