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  1. The Sports Bar league/tidewarriors Join up 14 teams Password = stripers
  2. The Sports Bar Divisions, leagues and draft will be determnined on amount of participants
  3. The Sports Bar
    the pick em board is not updated from last weeks games. there is a game later on today/ tonight
  4. The Sports Bar
    We could use the support. Sign up until after Monday night week 2. We need some more players. All the Bugs are fixed. Opening day Thursday evening September 6. Weekly pic em put in your scores weekly and compete. Likely a prize at years end. :wink1:
  5. The Sports Bar
    Did any one catch the Little League World Series ball game? Georgia won it for the second straight year. That's 3 years straight for the USA winning it. Dalton Carriker hit a homer over the right field wall at the end to win against Japan 3-2. Dalton came into the game with a .769 batting...
  6. The Sports Bar
    Saturday night baby online. Your all going down this year lol. A little over 48 hours to go. I then have my keeper league draft over my buddies house sunday night. Thats where the money is. Football season is upon us gentleman!!!:cheers:
  7. The Sports Bar
    I was just wondering because I wanted to enter again this year
  8. The Sports Bar
    Major League Baseball is Now Censoring Your Barry Bonds Signs What First Amendment? Seeing as how Major League Baseball tolerated rampant steroid use, I guess they really are above our laws and rights. One fan trying to express his opinion at Chase Park in Phoenix, had his sign taken away at...
  9. The Sports Bar
    Come on Biggie - get over there and start kicking a little butt - we're out of time !!
  10. The Sports Bar
    I'm over on the league page - WHERE IS EVERYONE ??
  11. The Sports Bar
    Major League Baseball Scoreboard Schedule 2007 click me :) For New York Met Fans To determine the status of SportsNet New York on your local system, please contact your cable or satellite provider. Mets Sportsnet
  12. The Sports Bar
    Our first season was a success with Jonny Bolt hailing as the regular season icon_king.gif King with 166 wins and 87 losses for a winning % of 65.6%. Honorable and notable mention go to Fishon for a 6 place finish but an overall winning % of 70.47%. Playoffs will begin next week for everyone...
  13. Massachusetts
    Well, Jay went and made different plans for the 26th, so looks like we'll have to reschedule. Yesterday, he pulled thee 'ol...."oh, I though it was tonight". Happycrap. Let me know what you think of the following week.
  14. Louisianna
    searching Lanier for the linesides again. Water surface temp is 70 degrees and falling and I think I'll try to be there prior to sunup Saturday. :D I'm new to this forum and would certainly like to hear of others that frequent beautiful Lake Sidney Lanier.
  15. The Sports Bar
    ...on Yahoo. I dont really like basketball lol, but I like Fantasy Leagues. Anyone who wants to join just EMAIL or PM me YOUR email address, and I will send you an invite and the password to get into the league. We need 12 teams, then we'll start the Auto-Draft :)
1-15 of 16 Results