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  1. Hudson River
    Is the Troy boat launch hard to get to and is it safe to park.
  2. Hudson River
    Due to the 'Rona, some of my usual plans for the season have changed. I was wondering if anyone knew of any all-night launches near Kingston/Saugerties or Coxsackie/Athens. Sleightsburgh is now day use only and I am not sure I can get into Norrie Point. Looking to take my son camping this...
  3. Hudson River
    Any idea if they allow overnight parking here? I have never launched from here before, but I am looking to possibly change things up a little this year. Also, I was wondering if they had a gate or anything. Basically I want to launch at the buttcrack of dawn.
  4. Hudson River
    I saw this on Newburgh's website this morning. "Launching is allowed from 8:00am to 8:00pm" this looks new to me from last year. Will it be enforced? I am always there well before daylight during the season...
  5. Hudson River
    Anybody used it this year? I know they were working on it or at least had cones up.
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anyone know if they're in yet?
  7. Hudson River
    I live in Newburgh and want to use the gullys boat launch. Do I have to visit city hall and obtain a pass/permit there and did I hear correctly it is $100 for the season? Anyone have the run down
  8. Hudson River
    Anyone know if the Newburg boat launch situation is resolved from last year? I'm referring to the attendant being there for launching your boat. Last year this time there was some confusion on paying.
  9. Hudson River
    Hey all was looking for some info on the boat launch's going to be putting in around Newburgh area. I heard some launches work better on high tide etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hudson River
    I know it is an UNBELIEVABLY long shot, but did anyone happen to pick up a black tool box from the Troy launch area on Sunday? It contained my gear...I am hoping that I am simply an idiot and left it while loading my car, and that it didn't get "borrowed" while I was helping the guy's whose boat...
  11. Hudson River
    Any suggestions on the best place to launch a boat in Dutchess county? I live in Wappingers falls and am thinking of crossing the river to launch in Newburgh. TIA
  12. Hudson River
    Does anyone know when the dock goes in at the public launch in potown?
  13. Hudson River
    Went down today to the Albany launch for a shakedown cruise on the boat. The rowing club has erected a whole new set of chain link fencing which blocks off about 15 vehicle/trailer parking spots, if not more. Basically they have taken over nearly the entire northern end of the parking lot. It...
  14. Connecticut
    Has anyone used the launch by the public library in milford? How is it? Any any suggestions here to launch my 25ft center console in the milfor area???
  15. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Checked out the boat launch in Renn. earlier today and it looked that you could put a :GreenBeret:small boat into the river with no problems. One would have to have a four wheel vehicle. Was wondering if anyone has ever used this launch off of Bway. If so did you have any...
  16. Chesapeake Bay
    Can anyone tell me if there is an honor box to pay or do I need to get with DNR
  17. Albemarle Sound
    Coming from OBX on 64 and want to launch on the south side of the sound somewhere in the vicinity of the bridge....Thanks for any info! EDIT: Nevermind, found a perfect spot!
  18. New York
    I grew up in Canarsie, Brooklyn and used to fish Jamaica Bay. I wanted to trailer my boat down and return to my roots. Anyone know of any boat launch sites in or around Jamaica Bay??
  19. Hudson River
    Does anyone know how much it is to launch last year it was $8 . Thanks
  20. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Going to put the boat in today at noon. Was thinking about going to Corning Preserve to launch the boat, I have never used this before. Is this a good launch. This would be much easier for me instead uof using HHP as I will be going north toward the dam. Thanks for any info.:navy:
1-20 of 53 Results