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  1. Surfcasting Central
    I've been looking at the korkers you don't have to tie.They have a round thing you cinch the laces tight with.Wondering how these work when sand gets into the doohicky,that round thing that locks the laces
  2. Surfcasting Central
    Hello to all you nighttime red eyed zombie rock hoppers. For years I searched for wading boots that offered lasting traction on slippery smooth boulders and bubble weed. There are a lot of nice spiked boots with a hefty price out there, but no one has made a boot with lugs that last more than...
  3. New York
    Jim, I saw that fish in the lot. 52# 12 oz - It was a PIG !
  4. Surfcasting Central
    Hey all, Went on a Jetty the other day for the first time, hooked up with a striper, and she was actually pulling me(in my flipflops) accross an algea slicked rock, to the point where I had to get on one knee to get some traction against the fish, before I was pulled right off the rocks...
1-4 of 4 Results