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  1. Stripers Forever
    :bigcry: Darn - we didn't have enough sign ups - KTP decided it would be better to hold off, So the Grand Prize Awards for the Striper Roundup will just have to take place ONLINE! I'll miss meeting some of you face to face, but we'll still have Winners!! That'll be good! happy3.gif
  2. Surfcasting Central
    Surfcasters can win a free entry to this fun fishing event in Kittery, or other great prizes by posting photos of your weekly striper catch on Stripers 247. Be sure to include the angler name, date & place of catch with your post. here's the Stripers 247 Striper Roundup Gallery link . For...
  3. Massachusetts
    Should be hitting kittery maine sometime this weeked, either saturday or firday (sunday PATS GAME!) Should be pretty fun, seeing as its a jetty and my dads friend caught 3 keepers in 3 hours there :twisted:
1-3 of 3 Results