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  1. Hudson River
    Hi all I will be coming in from Bainbridge and launching out of Kingston any info would be greatly appreciated. THX Wayne
  2. Hudson River
    She is 92, good to go. Camp chairs on the beach, I can wade out with a surf rod and herring chunks, sand spike. What are my odds? Anybody ever fish there?
  3. Hudson River
    Where the heck are all the females at? Plenty of slot fish if you happen to land in the right spot but even they seem to be pretty widely scattered
  4. Hudson River
    Will be headed out Weds morning leaving work at 4:30 and should be in Kingston around 7:00. What depths are you finding the fish and any other tips would be greatly appreciated am bringing large shiners and some lures. Thanks Wayne
  5. Hudson River
    Going out Thursday afternoon and looking for any advice this will be my first time out. I've been working on the rondout for the past year and finally decided to give it a try. Any tips are appreciated. I have downriggers and a bunch of stick baits rapalas, smithwicks etc. Is trolling more...
  6. Hudson River
    Hey guys, I have a buddy coming in from out of state, and I want to try and get him his first striper. I've had luck this year in the Albany area, but have seen in previous years that the Kingston area seems to produce better numbers for folks who fish down there. We will be going out tomorrow -...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Posted this pic on River Reports, figured Id put it here too. Fished just south of Rondout Creek in 15 feet of water. Caught on chunk, outgoing tide. My girls first ever striper. I was more nervous and excited while she was fighting it than she was. 43" 30+ pounds. Great way to get her...
  8. Hudson River
    Hi all, New guy here from the Newburgh Area contimplating a trip this Sunday up to Kingston for a little Striper action. Last time out was 2 weeks ago in the Croton vicinity and did well with the schoolies fishing off bottom with Bloods and Sands. Never been up to Kingston before and was...
  9. Hudson River
    we are going down to kingston tomorrow and i was wondering when the best tide to fish is? when we get there it will be high tide and about 2 o clock it will be low tide. is this good to be fishing on out going tide?:sign4:
  10. New York
    Any bait and tackle shops in kingston or albany servicing the hudson river. Thank you kindly in advance. Kevin M Sr
  11. New Member Introductions
    I was wondering if anyone knew where there is a live bait and tackle shop in the Albany thru Kingston NY area. I am new to this area and i was hoping to get some info. Can really use a good bait and tackle shop. Thank you kindly in advance for any help you can offer Kevin M Sr
  12. Hudson River
    Getting the bug!! Has anyone had seen action near Kingston??
  13. Hudson River
    I have a chance to go out boating and fishing tomorrow. Is it still worth Striper fishing in either the kingston and / or Newburgh area? If so any suggestions on spots in general (feel free to private message me) or what to use for bait?
  14. The Striper Forum
    hey i am curious to know where else the stripers are biting good for people fishing on the shore.i know of sleightsburgh, river road, Charles rider park, and thats about it. im looking for good spots to go to around the Kingston area. can you please HELP!! :flyfish:
  15. Hudson River
    Live herring, outging tide. Kingston flats. 43.5" 30 pounds.
  16. Hudson River
    The live bait bite was hot yesterday. Ran out of bait, so many hook ups you wouldnt believe me if i told you. Better days are comming.
  17. Hudson River
    Weather for Kingston is going to be 10 inches of snow...what do you predict for the striped bass in this long before they get here? :sleepy1:
  18. Hudson River
    Cause is still unknown but the pilot is presumed dead. Not to sound insensitive, but now easy will this be for them to clean up? Particularly the fuel and oil that spilled, if any.
  19. Massachusetts
    Had a good weekend 1 keeper at 32" , lost 3 and 4 schoolies...anyone else surfcastin with success like i am this season?:flyfish:
  20. Hudson River
    Put the boat in today ran great.went north fish everywhere all small but fun to catch.
1-20 of 34 Results