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  1. Virginia's Rivers, Lakes and Impoundments
    KERR PRODUCING HEFTY CATCHES Cold-weather fishermen have been enjoying hefty catches at Kerr Lake. An 18.5-pound striped bass was weighed at the lake?s Bobcat tackle shop. The shop sponsored a crappie contest the past weekend, which was won with a 10-fish catch that weighed 13 pounds. Two of...
  2. North Carolina - Interior
    Well half of it anyway. Way to go!!!
  3. Oklahoma Stripers and Wipers
    Robert S. Kerr: Elevation above normal, water 48 and murky. Blue catfish good at 10-20 ft. using fresh cut bait fishing the old river and creek channels; striped bass good using live bait and artificial baits from the mouth of the Illinois river to Hwy 64 bridge. All other fishing slow. Report...
  4. Virginia's Rivers, Lakes and Impoundments
  5. Virginia's Rivers, Lakes and Impoundments
    KERR RESERVOIR VIRGINIA Stripers can be found at channel drops near flats between Clarksville and Grassy Creek. They feed on the flats in the morning and evening. Buggs Island lake stripers still are average, hitting around Island Creek and Butchers Creek
1-5 of 5 Results