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  1. North Carolina - Interior
    Went out last Sunday , out of Ebenezer Church ramp. Started a little slow but picked up later. We only boated a couple of stripers a nice 27 inch and a 19 in. We also boated a channel cat and a large mouth. The cat hit a trolling buck-tail jigs and the stripers hit a chatter bait being trolled...
  2. North Carolina - Interior
    Last summer there was a die off of large Striped Bass in Lake Jordan and I was concerned about if there are any plans for re-stocking the fish? I would appreciate information and/or links to any re-stocking data on Lake Jordan. TIA I don't know if I posted this in the wrong place on the forum.
  3. North Carolina - Interior
    The Jordan Lake Striper Club was co-founded in August of 2004 by Troy Roberson and Steve Stephens. Our goal is to unite local striper fishermen who are concerned about conservation issues that pertain to Jordan Lake. We are especially interested in decisions that directly impact the management...
  4. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    First time ever yesterday trolling for Striper. Read alot of stuff on here and other places on the internet. Took two other rookies out and had a good time. Caught this one about 6.5 lbs. and 24 inches. used a diver with a bucktail. Take care.
  5. North Carolina - Interior
    I was reading the other day on some NCWRC link that they have stopped stocking Hybrids in Jordan, due to the fact they are worried some may get through the spillway, (or otherwise end up) in the Cape Fear, and end up crossbreeding with stripers down at the coast. So now apparently, they're...
  6. North Carolina - Interior
    Anybody catching any stripers in Jordan? If so where and how? Thanks a lot
1-6 of 6 Results