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  1. Massachusetts
    I have a wooden 18ft square stern canoe with a 10hp motor and was wondering if I could hit Joppa at night with no navigation. I know a lot of kayakers do it but would this be an option?
  2. Massachusetts
    Hey, I've purchased fresh dead mackerel from Surfland before, but I really want to give live mackerel a shot. I pretty much only fish at joppa flats by kayak and I didn't know if catching a few live ones was possible without traveling out of the mouth into deeper water. I have a pole...
  3. Massachusetts
    I wanna try kayak fishing joppa flats. im gonna live line eels and try to find some baitfish and snag them. im just wondering what else i need to know. are there any bluefish in joppa flats ever?
  4. Kayaking Stripers
    my father and I got Kayaks for christmas. We usually fish the mack or ocean front down plumb island. with the addition of these kayaks i am looking forward to getting out on the flats. I am familar with useing eels but not trolling them off a kayak, any tips for a rookie?
  5. Massachusetts
    Thinking of hitting the flats this eve to catch the outgoing, would ya put a boat in the river today? I live about an hour away so I really have no idea what the surf or mouth looks like after what just came through. GO PATS!!!!
  6. Massachusetts
    Drifted live eels over joppa last night without a bite. Also put down some fresh herring and could'nt evene get a hit. O well it was a nice peaceful night out anyhow. I'll be out sunday afternoon 8/24 driftin the Merrimac mouth I'll let ya all know how I did.....
  7. Kayaking Stripers
    I see a bunch of guys out there on their fancy fishing kayaks and it gets me to thinking. I have a kayak. A 14 foot Old Town Dirigo. I use it for fresh water fishing. Do you think that this boat would be OK in the flats?
  8. Massachusetts
    Spent the last day and a half catching schoolies. still early heard of a few small keepers,(sparse). It was very windy and chilly but fun to finally get a line wet. My partner caught a tagged schoolie 23" tagged from N.J. We're going to report the fish and tag# to the tagger. Didn't sot any bait...
  9. Massachusetts
    I want to fish the flats this year. I have never been and I am wondering if it accessable by foot? Do I absolutely have to wade to fish or can I stand on land? I have no off road/over sand vehicle so I have to park and walk. I don't mind walking any distance as long as I know that I can...
  10. Massachusetts
    Friday my grandson and I ventured to the Flats area, we have ben trolling and fishing the mouth of the merrimack quite a bit producing a lot of schoolies and keepers to 32" range. but in the flats on friday we got into some big fish, he landed a 40" 21lb fish.being 11 years old and getting no...
  11. Kayaking Stripers
    Fished both nights with the Riddler.Lots of fish around boiling on the surface.I trolled eels and cast plugs.It was slow for me 4 fish total couple mid 20's a 34 and a 38".Jeff did alot better but then again he always does.Lefty
1-11 of 11 Results