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  1. New York
    I'm not looking for your hot spots or secrets!!! LOL. I live just north of Albany and used to live down on LI. Grew up fishing the Jones Beaches. I try to get down there once a fall and hit "the run". I was thinking of heading down next Wednesday to catch the sunrise and high tide at noonish. I...
  2. New York
    Hi everyone, I do most of my fishing from the jones beach pier and get skunked everytime I go there does anyone have tips such as lure,bait techniques and what time of year to use them.any help would be appreciated thank you.
  3. Surfcasting Central
    Anyone participating in this surf fishing tournement? its my first tournement that i found out about last minute. im gonna give it a shot and hopefully ill learn alot.
  4. New York
    I hear that JHones beach has piers to fish from. Is this true and where are they located? I have been to Jones more times then I can remember and don't rememgber seeing a pier.
  5. The Sports Bar
    i will do one if nobody upsets it or adds to it. just let me know if you wanna do it before i commit otherwise butt out till it is over. and if i take too long to post them then be patient as i got stuff and a life to do.
  6. The Sports Bar
    sat night roy jones and felix trinidad get together in a fight that is probably 10 years overdue. at 170 pounds? the undercard features andrew golota- remember him? the low blow guy from the bowe fights. a real tough guy just not blessed with great talent. i hate to waste 50 bucks on this! tito...
  7. Surfcasting Central
    how long of a walk is it to the west end from the parking field? other than the west end, where is the best spot at jones? can i park at the coast guard station?
  8. The Sports Bar
    This fight is 5 years too late. Both are in their 40's and ova the hill. You cant really handicap the match because whomever is sharper and in better shape in March probably wins. Nobody really cares except for the side show nature of the fight. The last time they fought was in 1993 when Roy...
  9. The Sports Bar
    Corrales Vs. Freites On the undercard, Nate Campbell stopped Almazabek Raiymkulov in the 10th round. Campbell (27-4-1, 23 KOs) knocked Raiymkulov (20-1-1) to his knees with an accumulation of punches in the fifth round. Middleweight Andre Ward (6-0, 4 KOs) wasted little time in hammering out...
  10. New Jersey
    Flukes all day on clam (one keeper 17.5" is a monster wtf???) Porgies every cast all day with sandworm (few keepers 10.5" is a monster wtf???) Small Blues 1-3 lbs steady hits all night on spoons. They also hit my clam and worms, greedy little bastards. Striper two short 17" and 23". One on...
  11. Georgia Stripers
    Reservoir opening for public fishing in August
1-11 of 11 Results