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  1. New Jersey
    Consider voicing your opinion to any of these folks (postal addresses, email, website) with rational comments and/or environmental/scientific/historically-based concerns regarding the proposed notching of the follow groins: Phillips Ave Roseld Ave Whitehall Ave South of Deal Esplanade Cedar Ave...
  2. Saltwater Licence Registry Links/Regulations/Laws
    Hopefully this is the right section, still trying to figure out the forum. Anyway, I was fishing the Rockaway Park beach area and I was called by a Park Officer (they wear the green uniforms and drive those ATV's) who told me that walking on the jetties is illegal, and she could write me a...
  3. The Striper Forum
    Anyone out there know of some good jetties to hit for stripers, blues, and other good fish? I live in Somerville and am very new to the sport. Just would like to know where to head to, in general, to cast my line into some deeper water from shore(and hopefully not drag the lure/bait into seaweed...
  4. Surfcasting Central
    What's going on guys? I'm working on a feature for a fishing magazine and I'd like a little input if you can. The article is going to feature the top lures (plugs, metals, tins, etc) to use right now for jettty fishing. What's working right now in the Central Jersey region? I know Deadly...
  5. Surfcasting Central
    Im new to the 'salt' and want to get a good surf outfit that could more than likely be used off jettys and piers. Since I have experience with the new Shimano Baitrunner 4000D I was thinking maybe an 8000D with 65-80 PP braid coupled with an 8' rod. Any help making this deciesion will be...
  6. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    All I have know is a 10' surf rod. I was at Indian River Inlet and saw some guy plugging with what looked like a 6' foot rod. Within 10 minutes he had a 30" striper. Also what line and leader should I use? 30lb mono with a 50 lb leader?
  7. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    just getting into surf n jetty fishing. need advice on what kind of rod n reel i should get
  8. The Striper Forum
    The last 2 nights at dusk I have been fishing across from my house from a jetty on Buzzards Bay. The wind was out of the SW and makes for miserable boating. Tally thus far, 4 Blues and 2 Stripers. I spent a total of 1 hour fishing between the 2 nights. With gas here having gone up $.86 in 2...
  9. The Striper Forum
    I know that this subject has been discussed already but I have adifferent spin on it. Can I do ok casting a 7' plug rod off a jetty or do I need to go longer. I'm looking to throw bucktails and diamond jigs etc. in the 2oz range. I had an 8' rod rated to 4 oz. but my mom ran over its arse on...
  10. The Striper Forum
    hi i might go fishing this weekend at the atlantic city jetty, i was wondering which bait i should use, and if i should use a fish finder rig
1-10 of 10 Results