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  1. The Sports Bar
    Since the beginning with the Boston Patriots - New York Titans 50 years - 50 wins - 50 losses - 1 tie
  2. The Sports Bar
    Who do you think is the greatest QB in the NFL over the past 5 years?? Manning, Brady, Favre??
  3. The Sports Bar
    Both teams are in the race for Brett. Where will he land? The bucks have offered a 3rd rounder and a player. The Pack want a conditional pick based on performance. Farve wants to go to Tampa. Jets trying to sell him and Dianna on 2008, a new stadium and face of the franchise in 09 and the # 4...
  4. The Sports Bar
    My entire family, even the dog, was dancing around the den like crazy people when Brady had his face shoned into the mud on the last play of the game. All is now good with the world :cheers: we beat Miami at our house and we beat NE at their house, two things NO ONE expected would happen before...
  5. The Sports Bar
    Anyone think there will be any surprises in the top 3 this year? (Leinart, Young, Bush) Who do you think will get taken number 1 overall? I think it has to be Bush if the Texans hold the number 1 pick but I would trade it away for some future 1st round picks because I dont think Bush is...
  6. The Sports Bar is reporting that the Patriots 34 year old defensive coordinator Eric Mangino has accepted the Jets head coaching position. At 34 he will become the youngest head coach in football. 13 years as a coach 11 in the NFL and 3 super bowl rings.
  7. The Sports Bar
    Drank too much last night cuz I was so pissed about those damn Steelers. I'm sick of this.
  8. The Sports Bar
    Lets hope the jets can look like a football team tonight. No one gives em a chance, but that defense can keep them in any game. The offense does have Curtis Martin. Man a wide out and a QB would be a nice addition. Pennington and has Moss let me down. I can throw harder and deeper than...
1-8 of 8 Results