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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, New to this forum. I Fish in Jamaica bay and this is my first Striper season. Went out with a friend and he caught 2 stripers trolling with a spoon. We fish off on inflatables in Jamaica Bay.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Has anyone attempted spooning the Jamaica Bay Area?
  3. New York
    Hi, my son Zachary is planning his Eagle Scout project in Jamaica Bay, NY. I'm providing a description of his project. He's trying to raise funds for the project and any help or donations would be appreciated. His tentative date for the project is November 3, 2012. I am a Boy Scout in Troop...
  4. New York
    Splashed the boat on Friday and decided to do a quick scouting mission. Water temps 49.6. No signs of bunker or bait, but lots of marks on the finder. Saw a guy troll up a nice bass on an umbrella rig, so started to fish, and caught this 34" bass on my third strip. Ate a Clouser in about 20' of...
  5. New York
    Went out to the bay last week saw some schools of fry swimming around.. cast out didn't get any fish but with the super low tides I found two crab traps, one plastic coated wire like new :GrayWingSmiley:... Now that they've installed that aquarium pump over at Howard beach lets see if there's...
  6. New York
    Today this guy with a throw net caught these brownish/gold/silver fish that looked to me like some kind of carp... anyone know what it could be? I also observed some needle fish??? and this black and white banded fish don't know there names??? anyone :flyfish:
  7. New York
    After my fishing trip yesterday I was wondering maybe I get fresh clams I dig up and use for bait... but I don't know the rules for it and if you need a permit. Do you need a permit to dig up clams (around Jamaica bay area)? What are the regulations on clamming? Can I harvest shellfish in...
  8. New York
    I went fishing last week Thursday for about 3 hours (10a-1pm) and today for about 2 hours (1pm-3pm), caught nothing. On both days there were a few other people fishing, but no one had caught anything while I was there, even though on both days I met the same old guy who she said he caught...
  9. New York
    The turn out for last nights meeting was impressive, over 150 people passionate about the future of Jamaica bay were in attendance. Among them were gov. officials most notably Rep. Anthony Wiener. The task force put together a very convincing rebuttal to the R.P.A. report. Inaccuracies in passed...
  10. New York
    Is there any sign of life in the bay.Went out the last few day and didnt see a fish.
  11. New York
    I would like to know what is the name of that white worm/barnacle looking thing on that giant 7" crab??? lol I tried to find out what it is, but no luck....I have to say catching blue crabs is easier than fishing LMAO... Thanks a lot:) hatch.gif
  12. Striper Guides & Charters
    Captain Vinnie / Karen Ann Charters Spotlight Jamaica Bay Back Bay Back a few decades ago the power plant located off of Mott and Dunebar in Rockaway was periodically active. That's when it was called Lilco and it would discharge some warm water similar to Northport. Straight across was...
  13. New York
    hello to everyone here:gob_icon_cheers: .just got my boat on the water i fish in jamaica bay .looking for some advice were to go :shocked:i am so lost out there. i hear its hot all over.took a ride all the way out to the marine parkway bridge today two small blue and they both got away.any one...
  14. New York
    Gateway National Recreation Area - Jamaica Bay I went to pick up the 4 wheel permit for Gateway at Breezy point so I did some recon. Usually I get the (2 wheel) night fishing permit at Staten Island or Sandy Hook. (4 wheel permits are sold out until september 15 when they go on sale again)...
  15. Striper Guides & Charters
    Spotlight Jamaica Bay Captain Vinnie/Karen Ann Fleet As March begins to wind down, sunny days are more frequent, and the reality that Jamaica bay will once again come to life begins to unfold. Those unfamiliar with Jamaica bay will be surprised that nestled among the urban environment rest...
  16. Kayaking Stripers Who's going? I need some practice with the TnW but I am planning on making the trip from VA!
  17. New York Who's going? I need some practice with the TnW but I am planning on making the trip from VA!
  18. New York
    Anyone has any experience fishing the North channel bridge in Jamaica bay i go every once in a while get a few bites but no hook ups. has anyone got stripers there I'm planning on using live eel off the bridge in a few days not sure if it'll work I'm not really sure how the water depths are...
  19. New York
    anyone is interested May 15 & 16th There is a Jamaica Bay fishing tournment to help benefit women recovering from Cancer Called Casting for Recovery! The event will take place at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn Its a great cause & fund raiser. Kayack fishing prizes,raffles ETC Also if your...
  20. New York
    hello everyone im new to this forum and i have a question about fishing jamaica bay. i usually fish the piers of long island and i want to know where are come good places i can fish jamaica bay from? thank you
1-20 of 31 Results