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  1. Blogs
    New blog article: Fishing the Back Side of the Elizabeth Islands
  2. Hudson River
    Has anybody camped there during the striper season? Is it legal? Is the water too high? I know ya gotta deal with the tide, and my boat leaks. Any advice?
  3. Maine
    looking to head out to an island via casco bay ferry to fish for the day.any info on wich island has good public,fishable access they all seem to have interesting spots just not sure about being able to access them.thanksconfused.gif
  4. Massachusetts
    When the fish move into the deeper water near the islands, and one is fishing filet or other fresh dead bait; what rig setup do you choose. What is your prefered chunking bait for the Brewsters? I know live bait is better, but i dont have a live well or bait tank. IS therre a way i can still...
  5. Massachusetts
    Am trying to take some of my buddies out fishing this weekend done at the falmouth/vinyeard area for stripers. However the water is so warm rite now that its very difficult to land a keeper.Earlier in the season this was no problem at all. Anybody have suggestions on other spots?? am told...
  6. Massachusetts
    Its getting to be late in the season and the water has been pretty warm for the stripers.... I am thinking of making the trip from falmouth, ma to Gay Head point, Marthas Vinyeard, MA in hope of some keepers..... anybody can make other suggestions on some closer spots? Am using a boat to...
  7. Massachusetts
    Hoping to go striper fishing if the weather premits this weekend. Has anybody been getting keepers and wuts a good bait to use the time in the season?? eels clams herring
  8. Massachusetts
    First the report. Thnigs are picking up but are still sketchy. One day they are there and the next nothing. Very little bait around which I think is the problem. Now the rant. Some MF idiot ran between me and the rocks this morning and hooked my lure on his outboard. We were 20 yards from the...
  9. Massachusetts
    anyone fish around there? i have a new 24 foot CC and i havent fished really around them...i acutally havent fished aroudn boston at located in hingham, any hints on where i could get some good fish..thanks
  10. The Striper Forum
    Has anybody fished the Sedge Islands in Barnegat Bay? I'm not too familiar with the area, are there many places to anchor up off of the Oyster Creek Channel? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Canada
    New out here and just wondering if there are any fellow cape codders or islanders out here. Team echo
1-11 of 11 Results