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    My nephew has arrived home. He has done his duty, Made rank to Petty Officer, and is home. He signed up here while on deployment, his screen name is dirtsailor, due to his being a Seabee. Let's give a great big,"Hooooooooooo Yaaaaaaaaaaaa", to the kid.
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    If he's anything like his uncle, I know what they back filled the foundation with for the hospital he's building
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    here ya Go!
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    Okay, seriously, I'm tired of these Iraqi pricks. 4 years ago we went in there. Now, I'm not for the war, but seriously, give me a break. We went there and removed the dictator who was a frikken douchebag. Hes dead though, and its about ****************ing time. I'm tired of these Iraqi asswipes...
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    Enough Said!
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    HI all. In case nobody else here knows, my best friend is over in Iraq flying Blackhawks on missions. We grew up around the corner from each other, and have been friends since the age of 3. Brian and his brother Jay are like brothers to me. So I wanted throw a prayer out there for him and his...
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    This website: has a few pics of the Army National Guard unit that I served in. I got out in 2000 but I still have alot of friends there. They are currently in Iraq, I think in Tikrit, Sadam's mothers palace. Hopefully they will be home next month...
1-8 of 11 Results