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  1. The Wiper Room
    Anyone else fish for wipers in Iowa? Here is the best one I got from last summer.
  2. Iowa Hybrid stripers
    The Iowa record you have listed was broken in 2005. Here's the details: Bass Hybrid (Wiper) Wt.= 19 lbs. 10 oz. Lenght= 33 in. Location= Des Moines River Angler= Youa Lovan icn___clap.gif
  3. Iowa Hybrid stripers
    By JULI PROBASCO-SOWERS REGISTER STAFF WRITER Iowa anglers and fisheries biologists want to stock more hybrid wipers. Just when that might happen is not known. However, anglers and state biologists agree hybrid wipers are an excellent game fish that can improve, and...
  4. Iowa Hybrid stripers
    Wiper (Female Striped Bass x Male White Bass) Other names - wiper, sunshine bass, silvers, silver bass Hybrid striped bass have been released at two locations in Iowa. The original stocking in 1981 was into Saylorville Reservoir, which was followed each year with plantings of additional...
1-4 of 4 Results