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    Zeno Hromin did a great job with the editing on this. bucktailing interview
  2. The Lounge
    So I went on my first interview ever yesterday at PSEG for a relay technician position. I was so nervous, I doubt I'll get the job. I did learn a lot from the experience though. All I know is I put so much time and effort into preparing, I just hope that the guys saw that and saw what Im...
  3. Stripers Forever
    Last week Jordan Rich of WBZ Radio in Boston interviewed Brad Burns, the President of SF about the organization's mission of achieving game fish status for striped bass and also about our upcoming symposium and dinner on May 20th in Foxboro, MA. The interview provides a good look at the Stripers...
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    An Interview With God The presentation An Interview with God
1-4 of 6 Results