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  1. Hudson River
    Which do you think is better? I haven't had much luck either way, so I just wondering what everyone prefers. Thanks. Thanks
  2. Hudson River
    so the water temps are looking good and its going to be a late night/early morning incoming tide so I was planning on hitting the shore in the bear mountain area to see if we can start the season off right... just heard that my usually fishing mate will not be able to head out tonight so I...
  3. Hunting / Game
    Some great shots of incoming longnecks!! Lighting conditions and wind was perfect to capture these birds on approach.
  4. Massachusetts
    fished it yesterday but was too early in the season for the jig holes I hit.. fish were just traveling thru and never stopped .. only fished it for a couple hours... shoulda stayed up river.. the ebb looked like it was gonna be goo... trees, logs and gooy water cadicted.gif anyone here fish...
  5. Massachusetts
    I fished the incoming tide off PI point today, and all fish were 25" to 26" range. All caught using clams :)
  6. The Striper Forum
    Please take this poll
1-6 of 6 Results