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  1. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Alright, I'm new to Striper Fishing in Illinois. We've got some area lakes that have good striper fishing. What I'm wondering is what kind of baits are going to be best? I use Bass Kandy Delights as well as Sassy Shad. What other Baits do you guys find work well?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I'm a new member from Illinois. I've not been striper fishing, but will surely try to get out to do some soon! I've been fishing for as long as I've been able to hold a rod. By 2 days old my late grandfather had a Zebco rod/reel in my hands. Every year, I take multiple trips to a...
  3. The Wiper Room
    anybody catching wipers in illinois
  4. Illinois
    Press release submitted by Quad Cities Generating Station Quad Cities and Clinton Station stock Mississippi River and Clinton Lake CORDOVA, Ill. (June 24, 2010) - Anglers on the Mississippi River and at Clinton Lake (Clinton, Ill.) will find ample opportunity to try reeling in one of thousands...
  5. Illinois
    What's up folks? My name is Chris from Benton, Illinois. I am an avid angler here in Southern Illinois, mainly focusing on Rend Lake and the Rend Lake Dam. I must say, there is no better fight in fishing, then hooking a white or yellow striper. If there is one thing I want to accomplish...
  6. Illinois
    This lake has stripers Recent bass tournament caught 3-8 and 13 lb stripers Anyone have a history with this lake or suggestions what part of it to fish??? thanks
  7. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    Hello everybody my name is steve. I love to striper fish just dont know alot about it but sure would like to learn. I am from illinois i am in the process of selling my house and moving down to east tennessee. I have property on cherokee lake just waiting for this damn house to sell. I currently...
  8. Oklahoma Stripers and Wipers
    Been fishing the Lower Illinois for Trout alot lately. Slaying them Left and right. My buddy and I hook up some Nice and Fat Browns and Rainbows on Worms and Eggs. I will use Panther Martin lures as well when the sun starts to come out... Now we both just started fishing for Stripers below the...
  9. Illinois
    Re: Under Pressure? Status of striped bass in Illinois opens in a pdf file
  10. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    By Bob Maciulis / Outdoor Notebook It seems that nothing is sacred, after all. What's worse, Americans seem willing to accept it as the price of progress. But, what's the cost to our culture? Bob Podgorski, member of the board of the Fox River Valley chapter of Muskies, Inc., sent more proof...
  11. The Wiper Room
    Fish kills on Braidwood and LaSalle lakes last week drove home again the reality of recreation on the cooling lakes. It's secondary. Cooling lakes exist to cool water used in producing electricity. Recreation, namely fishing, is a nice byproduct. "Our philosophy, we will have good years, but we...
1-11 of 11 Results