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  1. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I'm looking to buy these rod/reel combos. I know there is a 321LH in there and I think the red RH one is a 209 or 309 levelwind? I'm not sure on the other 2. One with the triple front bar pattern looks similar to a 111 senator or something but all the senators seem to have the chrome support...
  2. Stripers 101 - Sticky Threads
    The atlantic silverside (spearing) has one dorsal fin. A slim metal metal lure would be a good match. With a fly teaser in front One of the first baitfish to show surfside early in spring. You will see them "flitting" about. The bay anchovy (aka rainfish) has 2 dorsal fins Show in Early...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Can someone let me know if this is a 650ss or 6500ss? I ordered a part but don't know if its the right one. thanks
  4. The Wiper Room
    How do you know if you've caught a hybrid?
1-4 of 4 Results