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  1. Hudson River
    Since its getting closer and closer and with some warmer temperatures here and in our near future. Just curious when everyone thinks the ice out will happen. Not sure about the river being that I saw the cutter going through today but some parts of the upper creek here have openings. So my...
  2. Hudson River
    Wow this is really cool I could not imagine pulling that in on a tip up or jig pole.....
  3. Ice

    Delaware River
    The banks have been icing up lately. Won't be long until it'll be all the way across. Gonna be cold this week. I may need to stop fishing soon.
  4. The Striper Forum
    Not sure if anyone is interested but. Gander Mountain has the Black Betty for $49.99 with free shipping over $50 and 10% off (SCARY) put it in the code area and buy the Lindy Dancin Tube Jig, 1/16 oz. (046) Pearl White/Aurora Blue $0.94. $45.84 final cost.
  5. Hudson River
    Its obviously been a long winter. Ice on the river, here in Cornwall is thick. Feels like I can walk to Beacon if it wasn't for the shipping channel having ice breaker lol Wonder how this cold water will affect migration. This is my first time fishing after a severe winter
  6. Massachusetts
    Had a great day with my Brother, nephew and friends.
  7. Massachusetts
    With striper season coming to a close. Is anyone getting ready for ice fishing?
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I know a few of the boys have been out, me only twice. But everything is really firmed up now, just waiting on the big lakes for some lake trout action :adore: WHo's been out ? Any luck ? BB
  9. Hudson River
    Hope everyone is starting out 2013 on a good note! I was curious to see if any of my fellow striper fisherman had noticed any solid ice (thick enough to fish) on any of the lakes/ponds/res in your areas? Im down on the lower hudson and there isnt even a skin of ice on most sweet water around...
  10. Ice Fishing Forum
    Springfield area it comes and goes with the weather. Was hoping to be out by Christmas. Doesn't look to god for New Years either.
  11. Ice Fishing Forum
    Well we had a shot. With the warm weather and the rain and warm temps this weekend. Not looking to good for ice by Christmas.
  12. Ice Fishing Forum
    For those out here in Wmass I have seen some Skim iice. I was out hunting yesterday in Belchertown. Most of the water we passed had about a 1/4 inch on them. With luck we may see some ice by Christmas.
  13. Ice Fishing Forum
    Well.. there's still ice an hour and half north of me.. but I'm done for the season.. We had a good monsters.. mostly salmonids.. I caught tagged rainbows in the big lake(Winnipisauke)..unfortunalty two weeks prior to the derby or it would have been worth some cash... the last...
  14. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Just got done putting the ice fishing stuff away in the garage, not sure about the ice with all the warm weather. The boat is on the back lawn almost enough water back there run it up to the garage. As the days get longer the harder the wait gets.:smiley17e:
  15. Hudson River
    this is what iam waiting for
  16. Stripers on the Fly
    So I figure my “first” post should basically be an intro (was going to have the photos in the post and write a little about them but I am doing something wrong). That said these are just a few pics of my “kit” as well as the flies I have so far. I put a can in the photos for size reference...
  17. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    headed out around 2 with a friend...found a few herring, started drifted and managed a 36" 20lb....started back at the top, drifted through, 36" 16lb.....started over, missed 3 runs, couldnt get the hook set, last drift 31" 10lb. great start, herring scarce, water around 54... heading out...
  18. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    No Hog, 13 lbs. 4 oz 33 inches, but beats a skunking. Caught on live herring, had no luck on chunk.
  19. The Striper Forum
    took brian out last night for some fish. slow pick as they were in and out. 4 fish but got some action. don't ask where i was and if you know don't blab it in a response. fresh clams/nothing on artificials. i blocked out part of the area in oakwood beach to keep others from seeing exact location.
1-20 of 50 Results