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  1. The Striper Forum
    New to this site and new to fishing NJ. Going to IBSP in late Oct for three days with my wife to do some surf fishing. Any help would be thankful.
  2. Surfcasting Central
    :flyfish:ATTENTION MOBILE SPORT FISHING VEHICLES...... who will be going to IBSP on Saturday, 9/29. A Triathlon will be held from 7am -1pm and the main road from OBA-2 south to A-23 will be closed. For this event only, MSFV will gain access to the beach using the entrance on the south side of...
  3. Surfcasting Central
    The NJOA, NJ Federation of Sportsmen and JCAA invited the President of the NJBBA and myself to attend a meeting with the NJDEP leadership to discuss our concerns on the proposed changes. When we brought up the proposed exclusion of RVs (truck campers and Class "C"s), we were told that they had...
  4. Surfcasting Central
    Anyone here fish the park? Or the bay in the springtime?
  5. Kayaking Stripers
    Can a YAK be launched from the ocean side of IBSP? I have heard you can launch only from the bay but I have seen several buggies carrying YAKS down the ocean side.
  6. New Jersey
    Contact Your Local Legislator To Help Get This Bill Passed (s2334) The Bill Is A 50% Discount For Seniors At Island Beach State Park. This Bill Stopped In Committee Last Session. Thank You Dave 71
  7. New Jersey
    ronster67 and I hit IBSP yesterday and all we saw heard of and caught were bass between 15 and 20 pounds. Dead sticking you would need to throw 8+oz., could hold with 5-6oz if you held the rod on the high sand at the waters edge, very slight taps almost felt like it was just the sand and wave...
  8. New Jersey
    hello folks. I stared to [email protected] 2 AM . I plugged for two hrs . nothin to show . then i went to bait until 1030 am again nothin to show fot it. then crashed until afternoon high. soaked some clam for 4 hrs again nothin to show fot it. this is depressing. i did get about 10 skates. oh...
  9. New Jersey
    i was at ibsp on sunday afternoon. got on the beach at 1 pm. it was a little slow at first. but picked up more at 3. my buddy had two shorts at about that time . the real action started after dark . had 9 hits landed 5. all shorts. the biggest around 23 in. but was a lot of fun. all hits were...
  10. New Jersey
    i was at ibsp today from 2pm -6pm. had one slot and two shorts evrybody i talk to had fish. the water was rough ,but the fish were there. would of liked to stay longer but the water was getting near the truck. ITS NOT OVER YET FOLKS SO GET OUT THERE! ron b.
  11. New Jersey
    hello folks, i will be down at ibsp for a little contest on 11/12/05. (surf fishing ) the problem is the tide will be low for most of the time i can fish . i have heard that 2 hrs be4 high and 2 hrs after are best. can anybody tell me if this is true and if so how do i overcome this ...
  12. Stripers on the Fly
    Informative article on beach buggying and fly fishing Island Beach State Park by Capt. Jim Freda from Fly IBSP Fly article by Capt Jim Freda
  13. New Jersey
    We caught plenty of sea robins. There isnt much to write about but somebody put me on the zero post list, so here I am. I do have a ? How do you keep your IPSP beach pass#'s from washing away at the car wash? What kind of light weight wader do you use?
  14. Surfcasting Central
    Hi, I'm new to the board. New to surf fishing as well. To tell you a little about myself I'm 40 and have been fishing about 35 years. I became Mr. Mom June 1st of this year after suffering a career ending injury last October. My wife now works and I take care of my 4 y/o daughter and 3 y/o...
  15. New Jersey
    I was reading up on IBSP and i found that there are a lot of shipreck's, I guess off the beach somewhere there. The article was saying how pirates use to live off the beach there. I gathered from this article that some of the best fishing on the east coast is suppose to be off these 9 miles of...
  16. Surfcasting Central
    To start with this is my first post so I'll just say a little about myself, I'm 19..just bought a 9 ft tsunami pole and matched it to a eclipz ez-50 spinning reel that I loaded with 17lb test. I've been reading this forum for a while and have been fishing with no luck. I'm taking a day off from...
1-17 of 17 Results