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  1. View From The Beach
    Uploaded another video, this one on how I find access and spots to fish.
  2. Massachusetts
    Hey all. That rumblin' off in the distance? It's not thunder; the cows are coming home. Thought I would start my posting here with a Q&A on the preferences of cows to various structure, given calender, tide, bait, etc. Before anything, though, I want to offer my most sincere thanks to all...
  3. New Member Introductions
  4. New Jersey
    Has anyone been gettin stripers in the central jersey area lately?:frustrated: The last few times out all we have done is catch babies and feed crabs. Need a lil help please.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, All. I'm new to the sport this year, been a member on this site for a couple of months and am excited to be learning how to hunt these beasts. Good fortune finds me here and this is my first post. I got interested in striper fishing last year. Earlier this year I was selling some water...
  6. Hunting / Game
    Anyone know of a good place to Dove hunt in Bama? I have not been since I was a kid and I honestly do not know anyone that does any Dove hunting. So I thought I would give it a shot here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Maine
    June 1st in Casco Bay is easier to identify by the bait that enter at the headlight than the calendar. Tomorrow morning our first striper trip of the year leaves a little before sunup. We'll be looking to pick off a few in the early season spots, but as many of you who know this area already...
  8. Hunting / Game
    Got lucky this morning, my first time ever shooting one of these guys a Redhead! We do not see these much here in our area. Thought it was a scaup until the last second before pulling the trigger, It is at the taxidermist now. Here is a pic with me holding the prize, also a pic of my friend with...
  9. Hunting / Game
    Here is a nice 6 x 6 I got in the Little Belt Mountains in Montana this year. Skamaniac
  10. Hunting / Game
    Successful hunt. and a great time. Rained Friday and I didnt even care except i couldnt hear much. Took down a 275 pound Wild Russian Sow with a shot behind the ear from about 45 yards. Sat on a bluff at first light. Went back had lunch regrouped fired at some targets and tracked up a steep...
  11. Massachusetts
    Two months til the HUNTING SEASON!!!!
  12. Massachusetts
    A disabled fishing trawler under tow from a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker slammed into a piece of ice and capsized in the dark early hours of Saturday morning, sending six seal hunters into a mad scramble for survival that ended with three dead and one missing. Two hunters were rescued from...
  13. Hunting / Game
    It was rough this year. Adult birds and bad weather got the best of us, but we had a great show w/the dark geese and ducks. The old dog did well for what he had to get. Shot of the decoys. The snow that was to be rain hurt the hunting. We could of shot lots of dark geese. Bailey...
  14. Hunting / Game
    We got together for our annual snowshoe hare hunt in the northern NH town of Berlin yesterday. The hunt started at Plenty of parking. I counted 13 trucks. We shot two hare, missed a few hare and had total sightings of about 15 white bunnies. Having so many guys spread out in the national...
  15. Hunting / Game
    It was going to be a windy day so I couldn't get out on the water in my duck boat and it was my last hunt before going back to work, my options was a pond I hunt but previous outings failed to produce. I got a buddy of mine and we headed there with mixed feelings that we should have stayed in...
  16. Striper247 Events
    We can lock in a rate at $650. per person. If we have a group we can get a discount of 25 bucks. Includes 3 nights in a lodge and or private cabin if wives go. The price is going up in April. 12 persons would be the cap. If you dont get a hog the price is $100. The processor charges $65 if you...
  17. Kayaking Stripers
    just wondering if anyone hunts with their kayak? I was thinking of getting a small one to go duck hunting with. I would also like to take it striper fishing once in a while. Thanks Mike
  18. Hunting / Game
    12 hour drive back home from Tennessee and I need some sleep. Awesome time and an unbelievable hunt. 11 out of 11 hogs taken down. Biggest well over 400 pounds. Pics later. tongue3.gif canadian.gif
  19. Hunting / Game
    What does your duckboat look like? Show a picture and a brief description.
  20. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    Texas poachers net jail, fines for illegal NM hunt 09/07/2007 By The Associated Press RATON, N.M. — A judge has sentenced two Texas men to 90 days in jail and $10,750 in fines for what a game officer called the most blatant poaching case he's seen in a decade...
1-20 of 27 Results