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  1. Hudson River
    Anyone been out yet from Corning Preserve or around Albany? Looking to get out for first time in 2-3 days from now.
  2. Hudson River
    Anybody here hit the river all year? Debating whether to leave my boat in the catskill creek this summer. Since most other common forms of entertainment this summer is likely a bust...... I figure weekend camping on the river will be tough....
  3. Hudson River
    Had a short window of time after I dropped off my kids to their cross country meet. Went to Croton Bay. Marked and saw lots of bunker. Threw poppers and had a few looks (splashes) but no hook ups. When tide picked up, I moved to the forming rip at Tellers. Saw some bait jumping and threw...
  4. Hudson River
    23" below the Port of Albany.
  5. Hudson River
    Theoy follow and eat the herring 😁
  6. Hudson River
    Does anyone have some water temp readings from the Hudson? Most of the bouy's are down this year. All I see is Poughkeepsie at 43°F the past few days. Wondering about Newburgh and Tappan Zee/Cuomo areas in particular. Not sure I'm quite ready to dewinterize quite yet.
  7. Hudson River
    Some early travelers have arrived in the Marlboro area......this is a screenshot from today.
  8. Hudson River
    Hi all, could anyone provide me with current condition of albany area? Currious how last nite's rain affected the river as I would like to call in sick to work tomorrow! Thanks!
  9. Hudson River
    A combination of being too restless to wait the extra two weeks until April 15th in NYC/Long Island and wanting to check something new off the list has compelled me to want to go catch stripers in the Hudson this year. I am willing to put time in but am limited to weekends and would prefer not...
  10. Hudson River
    Does the Upper Hudson get involved with the Fall Migration and if so how far up do they come?
  11. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hey every one , I am new to fishing for Stipers and Fishing the Hudson River (Albany area) and am trying to find the right pole for the job. Sooooo I plan to fish...from shore.. w/ chunk and live herring.....1-3 oz weights ...25lb test mono ... fish finder rigs....w/ a spinning Bait-Runner reel...
  12. Hudson River
    Just got back from the river. The docks are all in. Good news Thanks town of Bethlehem workers.
  13. Hudson River
    Just curious to see some personal bests from my fellow fisherman and the stories behind them. The photo I've attached is actually my father and his (our) best fish. I like to take credit for the catch because I had to twist his arm to stay on the water that day. We had a lousy morning jigging...
  14. Hudson River Sign up and register today. This is the second year of the first of its kind catch and release online Striped Bass fishing tournament. Let's have some fun with a chance to win a few $$$$ and save the fishery with a no kill tournament. View page for tournament and...
  15. Hudson River
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  16. Hudson River
    Still want to go out fishing on the Hudson a few more times this summer. Any suggestions on what to fish for?? My area is between Croton and Poughkeepsie. I know it won't be the river monsters that we caught in May - but seeing my boat sit there waiting to be used - makes me want to go fishing.
  17. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I dont know whar happened to the upper Hudson forum but I sure miss it Just saying.
  18. Hudson River
    Are the docks in?
1-18 of 311 Results