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  1. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I have been fishing for years, but this will be my first year surf fishing. I went out and got a 10 foot medium, Penn battle combo ( didnt want to spend to much as its my first season ) - I put 30 lb mono on it. I have that going to a barrel swivel, then 3 feet of 50lb leader to a snap for...
  2. Hudson River
    every season around this time, shore fishing is almost impossible to fish here due to the devil horns and cotton. Anyone shorefish in cornwall area past couple of days? if so, hows all the weeds
  3. Hudson River
    How is the fishing in the saugerties area? Trying to make a trip down there just wondering if its worth it or not
  4. Maine
    Curious on how the fishing from shore has been at OOB? Thanks.
  5. Hudson River
    Hey guys thinkin of headin up to troy dam next fri anybody fish that way or heard anything from up there?? would go this weekend but the tournament, it will be a mess.:BenNudd:
  6. Hudson River
    Anybody been out or stop to see how the water is looking ? How about the creeks too ? Looked a bit stained in Bethlehem (from shore that is) i didn't think we got that much rain. It was real clear 2 days ago. :thu: Thanks, BB
  7. Hunting / Game
    so hows your deer season going?? its been a little tuff here on long island with the heat and lack of acorns.seen a few fork horns,but nothing big except at nite crossing roads.have a few in site that might book,just need the rut to kick in a little more.
  8. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    :whistle:Im done for the year. WInterized my boat:einstein:... You guys still fishing much? Cant wait for the april cows:yay: i will have all my gear set and ready! winter is gunna go by so slow:10464: :4923::4923::4923:
  9. Chesapeake Bay
    hey im the new guy and from chesapeake bay area. looking for a good striper spot. new to stripers and hope to hook up on some. any help would be greatly appreaciated. what lures bait...??? thanks
  10. Rhode Island Fishing
    Mines just getting started. I gotta hit the river soon. Trout seem to be biteing witch i'm liking my 1st trout of the year was 21' stocked ofcorse.... I hope i have a much beter season this year i really hope so. I plan on getting alot of hours in none stop fishing just wait about another week...
  11. Hudson River
    My friend and I fish off stamford CT. We're thinking about dropping the boat in the hudson for a day before the season starts in CT. Are the fish up around croton yet and is blood worms the best bait to use. Is it better with an incoming or out going tide. Hope someone can help us out!
  12. New Member Introductions
    ive been on this site for a lil bit now. My names mike and I live in Providence, and drive down to the south county whenever possible. I just started saltwater fishing last summer and have had a bunch of success. This is a great site hopefully get to meet some cool people to fish with.
  13. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    this is what im prepared to fish the western sound with in ny. 1 conventional reel for trolling.. back with 40lb ande mono.. then 30lb power pro .. how long of a seaguar shockleader? 30-40 feet no? maybe an umbrella rig? Never trolled before really.. 1 conventional reel for chunking.. 40lb...
  14. Trolling for Stripers
    This is my first post so go gentle on me! This will be my second year having my boat on the Merrimack River in Newburyport, Ma. I have had good success fishing the Mouth of the river, but not so good venturing out of the mouth. I would like do do more trolling this year and am looking for some...
1-14 of 15 Results