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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hello there all. Kayak Fisherman here who has lost his means to a car and kayak relocated to NH but is heading to OOB for a weekend trip this weekend. I don't know nothing about the area but have looked into a few good spots via Google Earth and online and wondering what someone who perhaps...
  2. New Jersey
    I was wondering if anyone has ever fished reeds beach. I'm about an hour away from it but heard the fishing was good there.
  3. New York
    Anyone have any good spots to fish for stripers, blues or porgys from shore in the Bronx this time of year.
  4. The Striper Forum
    We want to give the Hudson a try for bigger stripers that we normally catch around Sandy Hook. We are unfamiliar with marinas that are easy to get to and easy to launch from. We are older folks and need all the help we can get. Our boat is a 21ft Bayliner Trophy equipped w/gps etc. Coming from...
  5. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
  6. Massachusetts
    Its probably stupid of me to ask, but can anyone point me towards some areas of glocuester MA that produce big stripers more often than others? What natural bait works best? What lures work best? What times of day are most productive? What tides are more productive? I have spent a summer...
  7. Surfcasting Central
    A week ago I spent a week at a cottage by the Nubble Light House. Useing a bobber, 6/0 hook, a 24" leader 40lb, and Clam Bellies. I caught 5 schoolies. Right in front of the Nubble. I went an hour before High Tide and fished until about an hour after.
1-7 of 7 Results