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  1. Massachusetts
    We caught about 50 fish in total. Catch and release all of what we would not eat. We kept 17 fish smallest being 30" and biggest 38-39". Absolutely amazing day on the water!!!!!!
  2. Trolling for Stripers
    Alright, after 30 years of fishing farm ponds and off lake docks, I finally bought a 21 ft fishing pontoon boat to take my kids out. One of the things I have always wanted to do is get into striper trolling on Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Have the boat - Have absolutely nothing else probably worthy...
  3. Surfcasting Central
    Yesterday I was out by a local lighthouse area and you wouldn't believe the herd of sand eels in the water!!!! I didn't think there were that many on the planet!!! All about 2" long too, and soooo thick. Is it breeding season or something??? I've never, ever seen anything like this before. The...
  4. Kayaking Stripers
    I haven't been here in a while, this place has gotten busy. I can remember it very seldom getting any interest and I have been out of touch. I gotta start stopping by more often. I see a lot of familiar names in here as well!!!!
  5. The Sports Bar
    i was watching espn2 friday nite fights tonight and tha last and final fight of the night was all one sided for bredeis prescott and in the 10th and final round humberto toledo "having had no success and losing badly" was clinched with his opponent and ala mike tyson - did a dracula on his...
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    i found this today, made last fall before it got too cold to paint(drawback of having an unheated shop) kinda a first stab at a mackeral pattern , my area gets a good push of these in the spring with the basses in pursuit!
  7. Images and Pictures
    Read caption on first photo then look at second photo. Look at the picture above and you can see where this guy broke through the guardrail, right side where the people are standing on the road (pointing). The pick-up was traveling from right to left when it crashed through the guardrail...
  8. Massachusetts
    Today at work(I work on the harbor express commuter boats) I saw the most beautiful thing in the world. I would have to say that there were hundreds of birds working today in Boston Harbor near the green 5 beacon. Did anybody else happen to see this? I know birds work all the time but there were...
  9. Massachusetts
    Really I mean holy popper. Lemme explain: Fishing last night in a spot that I will tell about later,maybe. Anyways I'm deadsticking some bunker and working a storm shad on my other rod. I'm facing the water at a 90 degree angle, the wind is blowing hard to my right and because the tide is...
1-9 of 12 Results