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  1. Rods And Custom Rod Building
  2. Stripers on the Fly
    Traveling fly fisherman in town following scientist wife for the summer. I'm fishing from shore everyday with decent success, but I'm limited by not having a car and not knowing anybody here. So far I've been fishing by bike from Falmouth around nobska as far as the knob on the west side...
  3. Plugs and Plug Building
    I've just sealed a few plugs (my first) with etex and ran a pipe cleaner soaked with etex through the through hole. My problem is that after sealing i use cut coat hangers to run through the plug and put em on the spinner. I'm sure that the coat hangers are going to seal themselves to the...
  4. Massachusetts
    I know some of you guys have seen the film I produced about the gang of fishermen on Plum Island. The film has shown to a variety of fishing clubs, and sold out the local theatre a few months ago. I wanted to let you know it's showing in Woods Hole next week and would love to have some of the...
  5. Boaters Forum
    if anybdy doubts this they r in a place that demands a boat lol yes i own a striper 18 cuddy no probs yet but in maine more fish from shore , 4th breaker dont go deeper !
  6. The Striper Forum
    So I was driving over a bridge today and noticed that the river underneath ran into the ocean. I then followed said river about half a mile inland and it led to a type of marshy area. No one ever fishes this area. You guys think I'll be able to find stripers here. I think I will but I can't...
  7. Bait & Tackle Shops
    ( I hope this is the right spot to do this) The Fishin' Hole Maine Fly, Bait and Tackle shop 377 River Rd (rt 112) Buxton, ME 04093 Salt and fresh water flies, tons of fly tying supplies. (we now hold Tom's B&T tying inventory since he sadly passed)
  8. Nebraska Stripers
    Lake McConaughy:The history, the fishies, the tragedy, the hopeful comeback Daryl Bauer Lakes and Reservoirs Program Manager Nebaska Game & Parks Commission [email protected] Back in the early 1940's a dam was completed on the Santee River in South Carolina. After the completion of that...
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Massachusetts
    Hi guys, I am heading to the cape on Saturday afternoon to do some surf fishing with my son (15) and figured I would offer an invitation to anyone interested in getting together. Drop me a line if your interested. We will be fishing all night and heading home Sunday around noon. Thanks
  11. Massachusetts
    Made my first trip out last night and caught 4 great looking fish (44",42", 38", and 38"). In my opinion the fish all looked really healthy and had big bellies. A sign of good things to come for the season, I hope. I was fishing the outgoing tide in the middle of the channel in about 45' of...
  12. Saltwater Species
    By Jim Freda Staff writer Bluefin tuna is still the talk at the docks, as they have spread out even more in the past week. Last week, bluefin up to 60 pounds were taken in the Glory Hole, while at the Monster Ledge, 30-pounders were being caught. Plenty of fishermen in small...
  13. New York
    Some of the big striped bass that anglers had been hoping would come into the surf are not far away. Party boat anglers fishing the edges of the Mud Hole, and the gulch itself, are catching a few 20- to 30-pound bass on mackerel teasers, chrome jigs and clams and the fish seem to be staying put...
1-13 of 13 Results