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  1. Hudson River
    Fished the incoming tide yesterday. No bass..2 Cats..both on chunk. Saw a guy with a 10-12lber on stringer. Caught on a live one!
  2. Massachusetts
    Heys guys jsut curious how the fishing at the **** is going did any big ones come with the fall run?? Heading out this weekend, 14.3m of water coming in going be messy there Thanks
  3. Canada
    friend cought maybe a 12inchr but thats all hey who else here thinks morning tides are not good?~~fishstripers
  4. Texas Stripers
    Water gin clear; 63-65 degrees; 907.31' (3.3' low) Largemouth are very good early and all day under cloud cover in 4'-10' using Silver Blue Terminator spinnerbaits, green-pumpkin Super Tube Heavy and 5" pumpkin Ring Worms. Upriver, channel turns with wood cover are producing bass up to 5 lbs...
1-5 of 5 Results