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  1. Hudson River
    Anyone use this Rod? Picked one up at a pretty good price and pairing it with the okuma avenger.
  2. Hudson River
    With all this heavy rain should bring water temps up a bit, along with the warmer weather should start seeing some herring and explorers sooner then we thought!! Anybody agree or disagree???
  3. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    This Rod has a roll tip and today I noticed the roller was missing since its last use....I Googled the name and model luck, I bought 2 of these rods years ago in Flordia,I live in Tennessee.... they werent expensive but have served me well on big Stripers and Flatheads....any one...
  4. Hudson River
    Have tomorrow scheduled off for fishing, of coarse it's goo g to be crappy out yet again. I would rather fish rain than super muddy water or choppy water so don't think I will switch. Anything I should be doing different in the rain? I often heard its better to fish the rain. Any pointers...
  5. The Striper Forum
    I usually tie the improved clinch knot but you can't with heavy line, so what knot will be suitable to tie? A uni knot? Thanks.
  6. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Looking for a nice rod that can handle up to 8oz around 8 or 9 ft. Hopefully not too too heavy. Want to use it for heavy jigs or 9" shads. I was looking at the quantum great white couldn't find any reviews on it. The lighter and smaller the better.
  7. The Sports Bar
    Official Fight Card Interim Heavweight Championship Andrei Arlovski vs. Justin Eilers Middleweight Championship Evan Tanner vs. Rich Franklin Welterweight Bouts Matt Serra vs. Karo Parisyan Nick Diaz vs. Koji Oishi Middleweight Bouts David Louiseau vs. Charles McCarthy Nathan Quarry vs...
  8. The Sports Bar
    Heavy Weight Champs Of The Past 07 Feb 1882 07 Sep 1892 John Lawrence Sullivan Universal Sullivan was the first champion under Marquess of Queensberry rules, having defeated Paddy Ryan in a bare-knuckle fight in 1882 to win championship recognition. 07 Sep 1892 17 Mar 1897 James John...
1-8 of 10 Results