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  1. DelMarVA
    Hey everyone, I just moved to the area, but have been striper/rockfishing for years. I want to take out my stepson (14) to do some striper fishing and since we don't know much of the area, Sandy Point looked like an easy spot to begin. Is there any striper action in Sept/Oct in this area. I...
  2. Hudson River
    Heading out in Troy Albany tomorrow for the first time this year. Any one else heading out or have you been out yet ? Saw a couple of boats out yesterday and some shore guys. I think it is time to give it a try tomorrow and hopefully there will be no bugs to work out in the boat.
  3. Hudson River
    I am taking the boat out for the first time tomorrow to see if I can outsmart a striper. I will be launching at Henry Hudson launch 8ish or so. Have a nice 21' Mako Center Console. Am going solo and have plenty of room in case someone wishes to join me. If so me at...
  4. New Jersey
    I'll be going to Cape May next week, Probably wed 9 to wed 16. Any tips on where to start? Anyone else gonna be in the area and wanna hook up?
  5. New Jersey
    My girl has a wedding to do (hair stylist) im coming down w/ to do some fishing. Looks like an awesome area!! If anyone in the general area wants to go out or give me some pointers shoot me a pm and we exchange #s. Jason :gob_icon_cheers:
  6. Hudson River
    Guys, What should I look for before heading out to the mighty Hudson? Want to get out there soon but don't want to waste my time either. When does everyone start? This will be my second year heading out, Newburgh/Beacon area.
  7. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, I have a group out of SF Bay planning our first trip to fish bass on the East Coast next Fall. We have only fished stripers in CA and are looking for advice as to timing and location for our trip. Trip length will probably be a week, and we are interested in moving around and...
  8. The Striper Forum
    Ok, so the new boat is all setup and I think I am ready to try some stripper fishing. I am heading to Raccoon Lake in Indiana and since it has been soooo hot lately, I assume the strippers will be in deeper water. Would trolling a crankbait at whatever depth they might appear on the graph be a...
  9. Rhode Island Fishing
    Im going to try and head down to the shore this week one day. Probably near watch hill, any one been surf casting near there/with what? I hear a lot of talk about using needlefish, so i guess ill try that out and see what happens..any bait suggestions? ill keep you posted as to how it goes.
  10. Massachusetts
    Hey everyone - been reading these threads for the last couple weeks and learning a ton, thanks for the info. I was a casual freshwater guy growing up, then got away from it for 15 years or to. Just started back up this summer as I now have access to a boat in Boston Harbor and trying to learn...
  11. Surfcasting Central
    Hi everyone, I'll be in Montauk for a week July 16th. I'm staying at the Royal Atlantic. I'll be with the family, but will be able to sneak away to throw some plugs closer to the point. My question is; is it worth it to throw a pole with some bait(bunker) in the water at night, right on the...
  12. Maine
    going to brave the elements and head out tonight rain and wind should die down.not sure about how the seas will be but i dont think the jetty will be productive tonight due to the storm.lookiung for suggestions on fishing post storm maybe will head down behind une in a more protected area any...
  13. Massachusetts
    So I just got a new boat and I am heading out of Hingham to Stellwagen Early Sunday morning. I was wondering what I should expect as this is my 1st trip. What fish are in season? Cod? Haddock? I know tuna are and we will be fishing for Tuna as I just picked up the permit for the boat, and a lot...
  14. DelMarVA
    I am heading to Rehoboth Beach the 2nd week of July. I am curious from one striperman to another where are the good places to fish..charters...etc? Send me a message if you dont want to air only down for a week so I want spot burn. Thanks!
  15. Maine
    Hi all, heading to Maine for a week next month; little overdue vaca with the wife. We'll be in Southport, south of Boothbay, anyplace around there to throw a line in the water? We'll be staying on townsend Cut. There's a dock nearby, worth a shot? Any help would be great. Jay
  16. Delaware River
    Hello - I live in the Bristol area in PA, and I'm looking to had out early this weekend either Saturday 5/22 or Sunday 5/23...probably both haha. Just wondering if anyone was already meeting up this weekend. I'm relatively new to fishing stripers, but I've fished my whole life. I'm not...
  17. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Taking a day trip to Belmar NJ to do some surf fishing. Can anyone tell me a good location along the beach there? Have never been fishing for strippers before but from what i understand there is alot of action going on there.I have read alot of the fourms on this site and it is amazing how much...
  18. Kentucky
    I'm heading for Lake Cumberland next weekend. I'm planning for throwing small crankbaits like Gizz 3's and Flitterbaits to match the hatch. I think we will try bigger baits at night like deep diving redhead Gizz 4's. I would love to get into some smallmouths also but the prime target is going...
  19. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Heading out tomorrow. Are there still herring around in Troy?
  20. New Jersey
    My job that actually pays the bills will have me down in Mamaroneck next week (5/18-5/20). I will have some gear with me, and if someone is able to work out an early morning or some evening times to do some fishing, I'll keep a seat open on my boat should you like to come to Maine this summer...
1-20 of 52 Results