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  1. Massachusetts
    Im heading out early am cant decide if i want to give the canal another shot this year or if i should go south a bit. Any input on this would be great.
  2. Massachusetts
    I work till 11, which is very very close right now and im gonna go home, pack the bait bag, grab my backpack, rod and hop on my mountain bike and head down to a local spot near my house and keep my mackeral bouncing off the bottom for a few hours and see if i can pull anything up tonight. Seems...
  3. Cape Cod Canal
    be staying at the herring run.. fishing nowhere particular.. truck has a 247 sticker on the bumper, swing by and say hello ifn' yer around... bringin' my sweety so she can get a taste of ditch jiggin'(gulp) I'll take pics if we get into 'em!!(minus any landmarks) thumbsup.gif headbang.gif...
  4. Massachusetts
    Hey all. Headin to OOB this laborday weekend. hope to get a few keepers.Hit Plum last week got nuthin but a few skate :x .Think I'm goin back to using the floater rig.Now that we are in Sept. hope the waters cool a Bit.
1-4 of 4 Results