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  1. Hudson River
    Will be headed out Weds morning leaving work at 4:30 and should be in Kingston around 7:00. What depths are you finding the fish and any other tips would be greatly appreciated am bringing large shiners and some lures. Thanks Wayne
  2. Rhode Island Fishing
    Anyone else gonna be in that area? Praying for some bass!!!
  3. New Member Introductions
    hittin pebble beach ,hope for some action, need a keeper!!!!:
  4. The Striper Forum
    Im probably headed out east to long Island
  5. Massachusetts
    on a vacation with the family in a week and a brother and i are big fisherman and arent familiar with that area. Can you guys point us to some decent areas? We will be surf fishing as we dont have a boat. Also, since we are used to fishing NJ, DE and MD...what different species should...
  6. New York
    Anyone headed out? I'll be out and about shag and around the light. Maybe a stop at shinnecock
  7. Maine
    Hi, We are spending the week at my sister-out-law's family place at Goose Rocks, and I'd like any advice you can give me on where to get good (preferably GREAT) bait, where we might jig for mackerel, and where you are fishing. We'd probably go anywhere from OOB down to York or so to find a...
  8. Maine
    I will be going to York,ME next week 8/8 and I am trailering up my 22 Whaler Outrage. I like live lining for stripers can anyone offer any info on this area? Bait to use, areas to try, tide reports.Or if someone is in the area and wants to join in you are welcome aboard. Last week I was at "The...
  9. Hudson River
    We had a bona fide manatee sighting in the Hudson River heading North. This particular animal has been making his way North up the coastline with sightings reported in Delaware, Maryland & NJ. The sighting was reported first at 23rd Street and then later at 125th Street (40.81826 N -73.96201...
  10. Massachusetts
    I'm going to attempt it tomorrow morning..........not worried about a little (or alot) of rain.......light S winds at 5 knots............ seas WERE 1 foot or less but now it says 2-3 feet...........weird.... I've never seen 2-3 foot seas with almost NO wind... oh well......I'll be out...
  11. Massachusetts
    Hello, Normally I fish the Hudson river run but that has died out. Headed to Peabody, MA with a friend from college and thought I'd drag the boat with me. Looking for a hint or two as to where to fish. He said something about launching on Winter Island. Read a report about fishing around the...
  12. Massachusetts
    I'm headed out of Plymouth tomorrow evening.....Just looking for others thoughts on the wether. It (to me) looks like it is going to be not quite sh*tty enough to stay home but also rainy and windy enough to cause a couple of problems.... However, with a W wind expected I should be...
  13. The Sports Bar
    LMAO th_sm19.gif th_sm19.gif th_sm19.gif
  14. The Striper Forum
    heading out tommorow morning at 2, plan to start fishing at 3am fish high tide...what should i do, i have eels...what else should i do
1-15 of 16 Results