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    Selling this New never used UPF 50+ sun bonnie hat. Itslight Grey color. The brim is 5" wide all around, its top is breathable. It hasa removable top with mesh under the top cap for it to be breathable. It'scalled a Go Kuvera- Ruco Guard sun hat. I'm asking 20.00 free ship. Reply only if you're...
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    New blog article: Old Harbor Outfitters Vintage Thresher Trucker Hat
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    Hello everyone, To kick off the new season and celebrate the success of the new CNC CEREBUS reel and the updated composite model we are announcing the following: Post your report on our FACEBOOK PAGE and our "running report" and also on your local MONTAUK FISHING GEAR retailer if they have...
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    :notworthy: its a nice hat thanks jim :yourock: i love it lol
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    Got my stripers hat in the mail today. Cool hat,quality hat especially like the fish skeletal design on the front and the color striper on the side.I cant wait to see the reaction of the Bassbarners I see at Fortescue.LOL I never got a hat from the Bassbarn.comlaughing4.gifThanks for...
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    got my hat today and just wanted to say thanks Jim, i'll wear it with pride Ryan
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    Damn the cost of the hat and the postage just about negated my trivial contribution. What'sup with that? Thanks_
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    thumbsup.gif Every time I stop in a Go-Go or a Strip club bar.I always get some dancer say I like your hat.And they ask about is there many STRIPPERS on the site. Great hat for coversation from a topless women that has a little trouble spelling. laughing4.gif Bring on a lap dance...
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    Thanks a million for the nice hat... :) it is awesome I hope to have a picture of some nice bass tomorrow with the hat :) Trying a new area just for a change and heading up towards Weymouth, Hingham and Hull. Who knows what we will get but just looking for a different view. I hope to be on the...
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    Jim Got my package yesterday,Thanks for the shirt It as well as the hat look great many tthanks jay (Jbird)
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    Hell yeah, Shirt and hat showed up in the mail today...Thanks Jim....Love them, can't wait to get out on the water wearing them......I'm gonna look hot :D LOL
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    Thanks Jim!.... without question, you are the man! didn't get a chance to thank you for the tackle I received either.. THIS SITE IS AWESOME! 8) spring's a comin' .. hopefully we get a chance to rip some lip together this season.. jigs
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1-13 of 13 Results